The Red Room

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Never betray your friend or it always came back around and bite you in the butt!

It was just a normal work day for Carrie. Sells went smoothly though out the day and closing the store was easy. Carrie was walking home but went a different way that was supposed to be faster. She went down a dark, quiet ally and all she could hear was her footsteps. *click, thump, click, thump* her heel clicked on the ground. She turned a corner and kept walking but started getting an unfamiliar feeling about the ally she was walking though. She went this way before but doesn’t seem familiar. Maybe she turned to early? She started to feel lost and uneasy. She stopped walking and sounds started to make her feel fear.

When she stopped walking; Carrie kept hearing really loud footsteps like they were behind her. Quickly, turning around; Carrie saw that nobody was there. Shallowing hard; Carrie started to walk faster *click, click, click, click* was all the sound her heels made. Her eye grew wide as the clicking of her shoes was soon joined with a thumping sound. Familiar to when she started started to walk down the ally, so whoever it was been following her.

Standing lost in thought; a pain strike Carrie’s back as she fell to the ground. Screeching for help; Carrie touched her back and brought her finger near her eyes to examine the liquid on her fingertips. Her fear was true; it was blood. Carrie looked around her but there was nobody in sight. Biting her lip, trying to ignore the pain in her back; Carrie started to drag herself through the ally. All she could hear the loud pounding of her heart and loud thumps that she thought might be only in her head. To she felt a sharp pain on the side of head making her pass out.

When Carrie woke up; she was blinded by red lights. She tried on moving but couldn’t. She looked up; she saw her hands were locked up in chain and looked to see so was her feet. Grinning her teeth; she kicked and kicked to she lost her breathe. She finally spoke out.

“Hello?... Please-…Someone help me…” Carrie squeaked in a tired voice.

“Oh precious, Carrie. Don’t you remember me, love?” A dark shadow like person said in the corner of the room. Carrie wouldn’t make out if it was a female or a male.

“I…Know you?” Carrie replied in a weak tone.

“I doubt your little mind remembers me.” The dark shadow moves closer to Carrie. Showing it’s face. Carrie almost gagged. The shadow’s face was slowly ripping off; showing muscle of its jaw and blood dripping off and it was missing eye lids so it looked like two fake eyes stabbed into its skull. Its skull was round pointy and its yellow teeth were sharp as a radar blade. Its stomach was caved in showing all its bones. It’s fingers boney and sharp.

“What are you!” Carrie shouted as loud as her dried voice would.

“My dear, remember at the age of 7 years old and all you wanted was a friend.” Its grin was devious making Carrie feel sick to her gut.

“Yes I remember; everyone uses to bully me…” Carrie admitted to the shadow.

“You made up your own friend that day; correct?” The shadow fold his arm at her staring in her eyes.

“Mr. Teddy?” Carrie eyes light up. The shadow did kind of look like Mr. Teddy. Carrie made him ugly so she wouldn’t feel so bad about herself.

He nodded, “miss me my dear? How cruel though to leave me behind in your childhood; I was your only friend! I was there for you!” Mr. Teddy screamed.

Shocked Carrie looked down “I’m sorry… but what do you want with me! You’re not real!”

Mr. Teddy looked angry, “I want to be you… I’m here to take over you. You betrayed me and it’s my turn to betrayed you!” Mr. Teddy got close to Carrie and she try to scoot back but couldn’t. He slit her throat open with his sharp, boney fingers and watch Carrie bleed out; laughing at her.

Carrie jaw dropped; begging for air but couldn’t stop choking to everything turned red. In morning Carrie woke up; feeling different. She got up out of her bed and went to her bathroom to brush her hair. She looked in the mirror and words came out her mouth that she didn’t even say.

“Hello, my precious…” 

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Ethan Howard

Creepy good.

We often create our own horrors......

Thu, December 31st, 2015 10:49am

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