trampled string

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

after service,we got into the car and my mom drove us home. every sunday,after church,was a familiar routine to me. we got home,i made breakfast while listening to my mom highlighting things she noticed that she didn't like. for example,the pastor's bright red two-piece suit was an embarrassment to fashion. she gesticulated when she described how the praise and worship leader danced and sang to himself and not to god. she talked about why the deacon's wife had an ish with the pastor's wife. why the sunday school teacher was yet to bear a child. i've grown with these stories and learn to shut myself to them.
after breakfast,we all went upstairs to our rooms to either sleep,as was with my mom,or to do our homework and sort out our books for school the next day.
monday morning was always a bore. well,to an extent because my day always brightened up when i saw the guy i was heavily crushing on. he sat at the front seat at the row to my right. i always had a perfect view of him. maths lesson commenced. the maths teacher was talking on bearing and distance while i was staring into space ,daydreaming actually.
i was jolted out of my thoughts when a pen struck my face. i saw him looking at me. then he said ,
"ruth,the distance of a from b is 74m at 36 degrees. calculate the distance from a to c from the diagram on the board".
i stood up and went to the board...staring so hard as if the answers would come out just by looking.
of course my head was empty at that moment because i wasn't paying attention.
i blindly guessed a number
"no,that's not it".
i guessed again.
my crush was looking at me and i became red with shame.
"no!! that's not it either".
i made another attempt and i failed.
"you dummy. so you're head is that empty. go to your seat"
i scurried to my seat. believe me,the distance from the board to my seat was the longest distance ever. someone even sniggered. i was so ashamed and in the process,i tripped on someone's foot and i fell to the floor. i hit the floor hard and then i heard it.
a loud ripping sound. my school skirt tore at the back and my blue and white panties were visible.
john,the class clown,stood up and yelled,
"i see it. it's a blue and white something"
the whole class roared with laughter and i quickly rose up,took my sweater and tied it around my waist.
i ran out of the class as tears rolled down my eyes.
as i ran,i saw him,the guy i was crushing on was smirking. the idiot tripped me. i felt sorry for myself.
tuesday was another day....

Submitted: January 05, 2016

© Copyright 2022 Baw Taylor. All rights reserved.

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