Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

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A Long Time Ago,
In a Galaxy Far Far Away...


Episode IV: A New Hope

You've seen the movie...
You've read the comic books...
You've worn the underpants...

Now, read the poem...

Submitted: May 29, 2009

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Submitted: May 29, 2009



Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

A small ship was racing through deep outer space.
An Imperial Warship was giving it chase.

The small ship was boarded, its crew overrun.
The battle was over before it begun.

The brave rebel leader had stole secret plans.
The Emperor wanted them back in his hands.

The help of two robots, the Princess employed.
And hid all the plans in the brain of a droid.

They robots escaped, and without being seen,
They crashed on the rock that was called

They were caught by a jawa, renown as a hawker,
And promptly were sold to a boy called Skywalker.

Luke found the message left by Princess.
It was clear she was fearful and in some distress.

Obi Kenobi, the message implores,
Had assisted her father once, in the Clone Wars.

Luke thought the message might be for old Ben,
So they left in his speeder to seek out his den.

Ben saw the message and asked the young man,
To come meet the Princess on far Alderaan.

Imperial soldiers intent on some harm,
Followed the droids to young Skywalker's farm.

They didn't find 3P0, Luke, or R2,
So they killed Uncle Owen and poor Aunt Beru.

Went Obi and Luke to the space port Mos Eisley,
Found Solo and Chewie and asked them quite nicely,

For passage to Alderaan, and so left that place.
They boarded the Falcon, and set off through space.

When they reached the co-ordinates, there was some consternation.
Instead of the planet, a mighty space station!

The Falcon was captured, but the rebels they hid.
And they made up a plan and so here's what they did:

Luke and Han Solo would work as a team,
While Ben would disable the strong tractor beam.

They soon found their way to the Princess's cell,
And blasted a hole and into it they fell.

With fortune and luck they got back to their bird,
While Ben killed the tractor beam, true to his word.

Luke and the others ran quickly aboard,
But Obi was met by an evil Sith Lord.

Vader and Obi Wan fought with their lasers,
While Luke and the others were shooting their phasers.

Kenobi was beaten and Vader had won.
He lashed out his sabre and killed Obi Wan.

The Falcon took off and they blasted through space.
They made it back home to their small rebel base.

The plans were decoded, a weakness was found.
They would need to drop bombs through a port on the ground.

The fleet was assembled for one last attack,
But Solo and Chewie refused to go back.

Luke in his X-Wing flew down the ravine.
But Vader flew right up behind him, unseen.

Vader was ready to blast Luke away,
But Solo arrived in time, saving the day.

He blasted at Vader at terrible pace,
Who sped off in his fighter and flew into space.

Luke dropped his bombs and was quite overjoyed,
When the Death Star exploded, completely destroyed.

Back home on Yavin the heroes returned,
(They saved R2D2, who had got slightly burned.)

Everyone put on their military best.
And they all received medals from the Princess.

The crowd cheered our heroes - the screen fades to black.
Tune in for the next one - THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!!


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