Running from Foster Care

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It's a story about a young boy running from a mean foster care dad that beats him.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013







It all started when I was three years old.  My dad left my mom and me alone and took all the money that she had.  Mom started selling drugs for money and after about a month she got caught.  She was put in jail and I was put in foster care.

 Now here I lay on the cold damp sidewalk next to Ann, with Jason just feet away. I look at Ann sleeping and think how beautiful she is with blonde hair and blue eyes that are stars in the night sky.

Then I start thinking about that night I was at the foster care home. Brad, the dad told me if I didn’t come in the house now he was going to beat me again.  I just sat there thinking of a way to leave, then Ann and Jason walked by and I got up and ran toward them.  We talked a little about where we were going, and then we decided where ever we were going we were going to go together.

  Now just a month later I’m running from Brad and they’re here to help me.  As I snap back to reality I hear someone walking.  I whisper Jason’s name but he doesn’t hear me. I get up and peek around a building where I hear the footsteps.  It’s Brad.  I scream like a girl but it’s too late, I blacked out.

  That’s all I remember until waking up now.  “Where am I?” I said to the dark figure in the corner.  The room seemed to get darker as the figure moved toward me.  I knew this had to be how I was going to die.  The closer he got I could see that he had a knife in his hands.  I stood up and walked backwards until my back was against the wall.  Then he slowly put the knife to my neck then he got pulled away quickly.  I looked around the room trying to see where he went.  Then Ann ran to me and I asked, “Why are you here?”

 Then she said, “Jason and I came to save you!”  Then Jason walked in holding the knife that Brad had been holding to my neck and said, “We need to leave.”  As we walked by the dead, expressionless body I got a shiver down my spine.  Then we left all the memories of Brad behind.

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