Self vs Divine

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A father's heart and a mother's prayers

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



 Jump, dive, scrunch under the bushes. He was panting hard. "Slow down your breathing", he thought to himself. The black ski mask didn't help to cool him down. As he rolled through his mind, reasons why he shouldn't do this, he knew he had to focus. Taking a deep breath and shaking his head to clear his thoughts he dashed to the next yard and slipped behind the hedge of bushes right under the front first window. This wasn't the target. He had a few more houses down before getting to the right one. He knew this street as well as the inside of his own home. He knew the owners of the previous home, who's yard he was just in, turned their lights off right at 1:13am and turned on their bedroom television and would never hear or see him. Sneaking in and out up close to the homes and scrubs kept him from being seen by across the street neighboring homes. The street lights were placed so sparse and it certainly helped that several hadn't been tended to in quite some time and were out.

He had 7 minutes to wait before making the run to the next home. Fighting his conscience, he knew staying clear headed was key. Although, he couldn't help but seeing images of her when he blinked. She was so fragile, tiny little fingers and toes. She was in need of help, pale and almost lifeless in appearance. Those eyes sparkled, full of life. A father knows when he must act but in her case its just impossible. It didn't matter, though, the doctors could only give one way for her outcome to be a positive one but this would require insurance companies to come on board with the plan. He had already given that a go and received the all to familiar "we do not cover this" answer. Then and there, he made his mind up and nobody would or could change it.

The red car speed by, just as routine as every other day. The 7 minutes were up. He quickly made it to the next yard then behind the nice thick cypress shrub on the corner. He could have camped inside it, as the branches engulfed is slender fit. Checking all around, the lights were off where they routinely would be and on where they would normally be, as he had made his trips here very frequent. Desperation had sharpened skills he never thought he'd ever use. The neighborhood wasn't by mistake. He had to research a little. It didn't take to much digging though, he already knew the case worker's name. Calling back to speak with her, he asked the operator what town he was actually calling. So, a little yellow-page walking and there her address was listed.

Now, the next run was going to be a bit challenging. Only two more houses and he would be there. He knew nothing plotted out would ever really go as planned but hopefully pretty close to it would do. He and a friend had only done something similar to this once before and nearly got caught. They were in college together and did it on a dare. Hacking wasn't the name of the class but they certainly found encrypted information fun to figure out and untangle. His friend had mastered these type of skills and found it a great income for self employment. Making the next run required finesse. Over the picket fence then the motion light was on and the other end of the house had the holly tree he could squeeze behind. This house also had the bull-mastiff in the backyard. This couldn't cloud his determination. Maybe a steak would have helped but that thought was to late now. By the time he had made it to the holly tree he realized the dog house was way in the back of the half acre backyard. It wasn't luck, the owners were tired of his barking as well as the rest of the neighborhood. On to the last house before he would meet his destination.

The holly tree was not as embracing as the cypress shrub, making him all the more ready to make the trip across the last house. Replaying the instructions his friend had given him he fought off the moral conflict in his brain and remembered the one that had his heart. She only required a few tests and certain expensive medicines. So simple in his mind but not for the heartless machine we call insurance. He could never see raising that kind of money in enough time and he knew he had to act quick. This last house was vacant and no lights were on but the noisy neighbor across the street was unpredictable. She works night shift and if not at work she would certainly be up and hear every little thing and search it out thoroughly. His plan was to attempt to go into the backyard. The yard was fenced with an eight foot privacy fence but he wasn't sure of how smoothly he could get over it if the gate wouldn't open up. Then if it did open up how smoothly of a move could he get over it into her yard without being heard or seen. The positive side of it was the fact that the electrical meter and cable wires all would be on that side of the house. The only other obstacle, once there, would be her leaving the computer on. Most people do. They are secure in their password protection. Certain technology makes passwords null and void. He has never seen or worked with this type of technology but trusts his friend wouldn't lie.

Yes, the gate opened. The worry of the neighbor across the street lessened. She couldn't see into the backyard but certainly she could when he went over the fence, if watching. He had to be very careful and crafty. No houses lined the other side of the fence behind the homes. Just a dense forest that thickly lined the lake that surrounded this little community. He enjoyed the peace he experienced on the trail through the forest on his way here. A small deer path that lead from the public boat dock all the way to the dead end of the street. Of course, he rented a car and left it parked there. Paranoia sets in as quick as sharpened skills when doing something of this magnitude. There she was again, in the front of his mind and heavy on his heart.

He leaps over the eight foot fence like a trained assassin. One hand pulling his body horizontally up and over while the other hand firmly left behind to skillfully balance himself and drop on the ground in stealth mode. All the training to do that in such a short period of time even surprised himself. Right at it, the cable wires and electrical wires coming from the pole entering the house. His friend said not to worry, that the device will be able to read all her files and make copies as long as the computer was on. All he needed to do was snap it onto the cable line and the purple light would flicker once competed. His friend was correct. He often wanted to know just how his friend came across this device and who he worked for but those were questions better left alone.

All he needed to do was get out and back to his car. Then he could get the device and information back to his friend. He was tempted to just jump the fence and make his own way through the forest in the back but he knew the density of those woods would give him up quicker then a street light. The bull-mastiff at the back fence certainly would give him away if not the shaking of the shrubs, briers, trees, and saplings. He knew back tracking, the same way in the same way out, was the best way in this situation. He had studied the houses and people well enough, out of vacation time at work would attest for that.

Quickly, he makes his way back to the deer trail and back to the boat dock parking lot. Before exposing himself he looks for any policemen that might have found his car. All he hears are the waves slapping up on the docks. He gets into his car and heads to his friends location. He couldn't risk being followed or some how tracked back by being at his friends house. This was his friends idea and knowing his secretive work, it was a normal procedure for him. While at his friends location he burns his clothing and shoes. This was another suggestion given to him from his friend.

His friend retrieves the log in information and password and begins to reroute and restate the case. He is able to hack higher up authorization and have the file reviewed by another distant case worker and approves all testing and treatment. The reasoning of approval is now based on an unforeseen disclaimer, developed by his friend. The device and all information is destroyed. Sure he could get into bank accounts,take it further but this isn't what it was about. He isn't after anything but seeing that precious one healthy again.
Seven months and twelve days later, she is fully restored and full of life again. When talking with the physicians he learned that one of the doctors took it upon himself to waver the cost and go forward with treatments. His wife shares with him how much prayer she had been in over the whole situation. She tells him how one night she couldn't sleep and fought it out in prayer all night. She mostly was in prayer over him and protection of his heart on that night, over 7 months ago.

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