The Cure For Zombie

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Matt, Erin, and Pat (short for Patrick) have all been friends for a few good years, but now something is going to test their friendship. A cure for cancer has gone wrong and turned the cancerous into the living dead!!! A zombie apocalypse has hit the Earth and the small group of friends decides it's their time to defend themselves. That's right, they're not trying to fix the problem...just live through it... It always works in the movies, right?

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012



The Cure for Zombie

By: Brian Burruss

“So, what’s new with the outside world?” Pat, short for Patrick, asked his two friends as they stood in the middle of a somewhat abandoned neighborhood. Pat was a little on the heavy side, but that was only because he lived an unhealthy lifestyle. He loved video games, junk food, and…his mother… Even though the three were all in college, Pat was still a live-at-home son and let his mother wait on him hand and foot.

Matt and Erin stared mouths agape and speechless for at least a few seconds. Matt had been friends with Pat ever since they met back in the first grade and they plan on keeping it going until the end, but it didn’t always run so smoothly.

Erin came into the picture when they entered high school. Both boys fell in love (or lust to be more specific) as soon as they saw her. This did bring about a tiny, itsy-bitsy rivalry…that the whole school knew about. The ‘populars’ loved it. It was like a renewable form of entertainment. Erin was actually brought into the popular crowd with no problem and was constantly convinced (and by convinced, I mean it was her idea) to ‘flirt’ with one of the boys just to see what would happen.  The school loved it. There was even a very embarrassing moment where Pat, the morning announcement reader, took a free hit at Matt within said announcements. How dare he bring Matt’s mother into it…?

Towards the end of her sophomore year, when she realized she was in danger of failing and being held back, Matt and Pat were there to the rescue. They helped her study and bring up her grades not only enough to pass her sophomore year, but they continued to bring up her GPA throughout the rest of her high school career. I think it goes without saying that her popularity declined slightly…kind of like a boulder off of a cliff.

The three have been friends ever since even after she told them the truth about her first two years.

Finally able to say a few words, Matt spoke slowly as if he was trying to communicate with a tree. “Dude, this is what we call a ‘zombie apocalypse’. The dead are walking the Earth.” Matt turned to Erin confused. “Did he really just ask that? Where has he been?”

Erin, as if the whole world suddenly snapped into place and made sense, said, “Online gaming…”

Matt shrugged his shoulders and agreed. “Oh, yeah…”

The two turned to their friend and witnessed a sight they never expected. Pat stood in front of them with a smile growing on his face beginning to stretch, literally, from ear to ear.

“Pat,” Erin pleaded, “please stop grinning. That’s just slightly creepy.”

“No way! There’s a freakin’ zombie apocalypse!”

“Dude, Pat, video games won’t help you prepare for things like this.”

“What are you talking about? The new expansion I got was nothing but a zombie attack. They would come in from everywhere! In order to kill them, you have to aim for the head. Knock of their head and the living dead is now the dead dead.”

“I disagree…” Matt was a science student in college. He was studying to acquire a bachelor’s degree in biology. His dream was to help with the new cure for cancer testing. And everything was going so well… Sadly, the cure he one day hoped to help test found itself curing cancer by killing.

The cure was a strain of virus they used to insert a new section of DNA into the cancerous victim. The testing was still only in the minor stages. They implanted the virus in a few cancerous blobs, or tumors. Once the new DNA was implanted, the scientists began to see constant and significant results showing improvement within the blob, or tumor.

The next stage was on test animals, such as white mice. Everything was going smoothly. Once again the results were showing positivity, but there were still many years of research before humans could have been brought in. However, things went wrong when one day one of the mice handlers picked a mouse up to move it to a new chamber, but, within the transition, the scientist was bitten.

At first it was just swollen and red but later turned green and black as the skin became infected and slowly died. Before he realized that the bite was what it was, he began to gain some strange cravings, and one day he acted on those cravings. The scientist locked down his lab and ended up taking a bite out of each of his team before the rest of the lab knew what hit them.

The next thing the world knew was that small group of infected scientists had escaped the locked lab and started spreading the ‘zombie way of life’ around the city. If each zombie scientist took a bite out of ten people, and each of those ten took a bite of ten others, then how long would it take before the whole world is infected? Those might not be exact numbers, but now you have a reason to pay attention within math class. It did not take very long before the majority of the world was walking dead blobs of death.

Pat looked anxiously at his two friends. “So, what do we do now?”

“Well, the virus is spreading here. I have heard of many within the neighborhood turning, which means we must start defending ourselves.” Matt pulls a small pistol he had stuck in the back of his jeans. “This is all I could find in my house. My parents were never big on guns.”

Erin turned and pulled out a handgun. “Mine can hold a few more shots.” She grinned.

Pat looked at both of them expectantly. “So nobody brought me anything?”

“I told you to find a gun or some sort of weapon,” Matt argued.

“Yeah, and I thought we were just going to play a game or something.” Pat pulled out a toy laser sword. “What can this do to a zombie?”

With a chuckle, Matt responded, “Distract them.”

Erin joined in. “Well, at least we know who’ll die first.”

“That’s not funny, guys!” Pat threw down his toy. “I don’t want to die!”

Suddenly a mixture of a dry gurgle and growl came from behind the group. They all turned to see a woman who was in her fifties (or so it seemed) slowly approaching them.

Pat went hysterical. “It’s a freakin’ zombie! We’re all going to die!”

Erin shouted, “Aim for the head!” She lifted her gun and fired a couple of rounds into the woman’s head. The lifeless body fell to the asphalt with the impact of the bullets. “There, she’s down.”

Matt thought for a moment before he said anything. “You know, none of this makes any sense.”

Erin glanced at Pat as he began to scream like a seven-year-old girl in pigtails and then focused on Matt. “What doesn’t make sense?”

“Why a shot to the head stops them…? They are dead. When you’re dead, you are dead. Nothing within your body is working. That includes your heart, lungs, glands, and your brain. So, if your brain is not working, then why does a shot to their brain kill them?”

“I don’t argue with the facts, Matt.” Erin commented. Pat was still screaming. “Pat! Shut it or I’ll blow your head off!” Pat did as he was asked…quickly…

“And I won’t argue either, Erin, but it still confuses me. I mean, their muscles shouldn’t even work. They shouldn’t even be able to move. They are dead. They might be living dead, but dead still means dead. How do you kill what is already dead?”

What Matt did not know, and neither did he want to know, is that he was about to have to find out. The woman, now with a couple of holes within her face, began to growl and dry gurgle again as she stood up.

Erin turned to the noise and threw her hands up in the air. “You just had to ask, didn’t you? Why couldn’t this be like any other zombie movie, story, or game? A headshot should kill them!”

In a somewhat calm voice, only because he loved his own head, Pat said, “Maybe we need to cut off the head…?” Hysteria lingered within his voice, but the death threat kept it at bay.

Erin shrugged and unleashed a volley of shots cutting across the woman’s neck causing the head to roll off of the lifeless body.

The zombie woman, without her head, still approached.

Matt was somewhat pleased. “At least those awful noises stopped.” Or so he thought. They started right back up even worse than ever as soon as the words left his mouth.

Erin turned and pointed the gun at Matt’s face. “Stop talking!” She paused. “No, wait, tell them to go away!”

Matt, knowing now just how Pat must have felt, quickly obeyed her command. His voice cracked and waivered as he said, “Zombies, go away.”

The headless woman’s neck tilted as if she was tilting her head, which clearly is still missing. It heard his words and understood exactly what he said; however, after the one second pause of confusion from the walking dead, the woman continued her approach.

Erin, seeing that it was just a coincidence that his words seemed to match their behavior dropped her arm and apologized.

Matt responded, “Thank you, but I can see why you did that… It made sense to me, but before we go too far I need to go back by my house.”

The other two looked down at his crotch to see a wet spot slowly travel down his pant leg.

Pat suddenly became a little bolder. “You know, that makes me feel so much better. I’m not too worried about that zombie that is still after us.” And then his courage plummeted. “It’s still after us! Stop it!”

Erin too stopped the giggling she was doing to focus back on the zombie. “Umm… I don’t know what else to do…”

Matt quickly took off his shirt and flashed his pale white, hair-splotched, muscle-less body and ran towards the head. His plan was to use the shirt to pick up the head, but something stopped him.

“Guys, this head isn’t attached any more, is it?”

Erin’s tone echoed the stupidity that his question contained. “I don’t know… Why don’t you ask the woman herself?”

“The only reason I bring it up is because she just winked at me…”

The sarcasm within Erin’s voice was ripped from her very breath. “It what?”

“You heard correctly. It…” It did it again. “Oh, it just did it again!”

Erin had a thought quickly rush to the front of her mind. “Wait, what are you going to do with her head?”

“Well, my original plan was to give it back and see if it could reattach it somehow. I’m not going to lie, that noise she is making now is much worse than when she had a head. However, now that it’s winking at me, I can clearly see that they both can work without each other. It might seem a little pointless now to see if it can be reattached.”

Erin, the voice of reason, intelligence, and calmness at this time within the group, responded by saying, “Really? To me, it seemed pointless to try to reattach the head anyway. How could that possibly help us?”

“I never said it would help. I just wanted to try it.” The head winked again. “Oh, there it goes again.”

“Stop starring at her dislodged head and help us try to figure out how to kill this thing!”

“Yes ma’am.” Matt began to run back to the group, but turned back around and dropped his shirt over the bodiless head. “And now I won’t be able to see it wink…” Once the head was covered, he ran back to his friends.

Erin could not help but to take a minute to look over her shirtless friend.

Matt grinned and said, “It’s ok. You can look. This show is free.”

“As it should be,” Erin retorted. “You wouldn’t make any money even if you wanted to.”

Pat commented, “Would you like some burn ointment, Matt?” He laughed. “Because you just got burned…by her comment…” He stopped for a second. “Why did that sound so much better in my head?”

Simultaneously, the other two said, “Shut up, Pat.”

Pat lightly slouched his shoulders. “Alright, I get it…”

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