The Mind of a Child

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Ethan, a young boy only seven years old, explores the far reaches of his imagination as he plays outside.

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



The Mind of a Child

By: Brian Burruss

Ethan sat on the hill outside of his house staring up at the light blue sky and the white clouds. He was only seven years old, which meant he had a lot to learn. For instance, as he sat there, he wondered why the sky was blue or what clouds are. He began to run through the process in his mind.

Well, they look fluffy. The wind seems to push them around and cause them to change their shape as they travel. They look like cotton candy. I wonder if the clouds are made of cotton candy… I bet they would taste good! Then again, they are white, so would they have a flavor? Cotton candy is usually blue or pink or purple… There is never a white cotton candy. So maybe they aren’t cotton candy…?

As he sat there thinking, his mind raced even further. He began to let his imagination run wild. Ethan lifted up his little hand towards the clouds and swiped it once across the sky causing the clouds to smear. He drug one finger down the sky as if he was wiping some of the chocolate from the edge of the mixing bowl. The clouds parted with the dragging finger. Using the drag he just made, Ethan began to spell out his name.

The white clouds against the blue sky became his canvas. His name slowly appeared as he traced each letter in the clouds. E-T-H-A-N. Once he saw his name in the clouds, Ethan smiled and wiped the clouds clean as if erasing chalkboard.

With both his hands, the seven-year-old body molded one cloud into a ball and threw it across the sky. He kicked and laughed. He reached up and molded another ball out of the clouds, but this time he did not want to throw it. He wanted to hit it.

Ethan looked around and found a tree off to the left. It was far enough away that it looked roughly the same size as a baseball bat. The boy reached out and picked the tree out of the ground with determination upon his face.

This one is going over the fence!

Ethan looked around as if he was scanning the field. Alright, folks, it all comes down to this. Ethan Wright gets ready at the plate. The bases are loaded with two outs. The Braves are down by two runs so a good hit here can tie the game.

The boy tossed the ball up in the air and swung but missed. Strike one. He really wants to help them win this game. Just look at the way he’s swinging.

He tossed it again. This one was too close and Ethan had to move out of the way. Oh, and that one almost hit him! That gives him ball one.

The count is one and one with two outs. And the wind up…

Ethan tossed the cloud ball up into the air and watched it carefully. As it began to fall, he gripped his bat tighter and readied himself for the swing. He pulled his arms straight through at the ball. The bat whirled through the air and made contact with the ball.

That contact had some power in it, folks! This might be it!

The young boy watched as the cloud traveled through the sky hoping and dreaming…and the cloud kept going and going. A smile appeared on his face.

It’s still going! I believe he did it! Can it be? That ball is outta here! That is a grand slam and the game! Ethan Wright has just won the game! Ethan Wright has just helped his team come back from a two-run deficit with a grand slam with two outs in the ninth inning! Folks, I don’t believe a game can end any better than this. We all know who is getting the game ball tonight.

Ethan dropped his bat, threw his arms up in the air and ran around the yard to circle the bases. He imitated the crowd screaming as his hands continued to fly and wave.

His mother and father stood watching their son from the back window of their kitchen.

Alice looked at her husband and asked, “What do you think just happened?”

“Well, it looked as if he just scored the game-winning run.”

“What team do you think he played for?”

Without hesitation, Ben responded, “The Braves, of course.”

“I think he might have just given them another World Series win.” Alice smiled as she watched her boy run the imaginary bases.

“And maybe one day he really can.” Ben wrapped his arms around his wife and gave her a short peck on the lips. “The mind of a child is amazing, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.”

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