This is about relationships and difficulty with letting people in, plus an observation of our society.

Here alone, 

In a room full of people.

Eyes dart and stare, 

No competition there.

Rush down your drinks, 

Forget past passions long gone.

Your mind's no longer here 

Scared away by your fear.


Once told you're the world, 

Lasts only the pleasure. 

He's gone too with your heart 

So you go back to the start.

But how could it work 

When you wont let them in?

Pre-determined to hide 

You can't say you've tried. 


Look at them now, 

So bold and so proud. 

Of half-hearted embraces, 

Craving only the chase. 

Then one drunken night, 

Enough to suffice. 

Our Generation, 

I'm no longer Waiting. 


Submitted: June 23, 2012

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