In Praise of Seasons

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This is a reimagining and extension of a previous poem, The Fullness of Night.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



In Praise of Seasons

Mere silence courts the water now

So fish can feed and send out rings,

While moth wings flit between the moon

And coming winter’s silver touch,

That thief that woos our leaves to believe,

Yet pleads no hint of guile nor hurt.

Then sparkling snowflakes breach our sky,

And spill from crystal fountains there.

They silence all and give us peace;

By dawn they seal our gentle lake,

And muffle woods and blanket roofs,

And bless us each with restful nights.

We touch in joy as hearts entwine,

To dream and watch the magic fire,

That ancient muse for love and cheer,

As wine is mulled and songs are sung.

We savior sagas that winter tells

And hold against this frozen night

‘til radience cracks our icy shells

And bestows again our gift of light.

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