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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This was inspired by a photo on flickr. It was really heartbreaking when I saw it.

hope you like it!

Submitted: October 22, 2009

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Submitted: October 22, 2009



Screaming wakes you up. But you're used to it, it never stops.

And they're yelling again, over something stupid, and you wish it had never happened.

They say everything will be alright. You know they're just covering it up. And they're blind.

They can't see the hope that's standing right beside them. They ignore it, and they don't listen.

And you look back at memories, when your family was happy. When they had first sworn to love each other forever. But it isn't happening.

And you write in permanent pen, \"You don't love each other anymore\", right above their wedding.

And you want to burn those pictures, you hope they'll never see. Because they'll deny just about everything.

But you, want to shove the photo in their face. And show them their disgrace.

It's painful and it's hard. And your soul breaks into a thousand shards. They don't know how you feel, and the love they had was never real.

You're the product of a failed marriage. You wish you were never born. And you feel like those faded memories, broken and torn.

Off to somewhere, you decide on running away. Because today was their very last and final day.

The ones who gave you a home are calling it quits. And nothing could ever compare to the emptiness.

Their last chance was a failure to launch, and the feeling is just like a punch.

You love them separately, but hate them as a whole. This whole family thing is no more.

And they probably won't notice you're gone. Their screaming and fighting gave you no attention at all.

And you won't talk about, you'll never let this anger out. but inside, a voice desperately wants to shout this out.

And this hurt is loud and clear. You're crying inside and out. Living the rest of your life in total fear.

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