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Hello, goodness do I miss this. Ummm... yea! Just read.

Submitted: May 20, 2010

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Submitted: May 20, 2010



I remember it like it was a minute ago. We were going to make our own band. Alternative of course. Inspired by Fall Out Boy and Paramore, and we would call it JAKS. Justin, Alison, Kyle, Stevie. Or Just American Kids Singing. Either or we were going to be amazing when we got started. She would write most of the lyrics, and I would sing, and he would play tambourine, and he would play bass/guitar. We were going to be the most amazing things to walk this planet. We were going to be burning stars, allowing everyone to bask in our superior glory, for all to see. In our heads it all fell into place. Then things unfolded and spread, and we've never all been in the same room since. One or two taken away from our usually group. Not all four of us. Not the super Fantastic 4 that everyone talked about. It comes down usually to two or three of us at most. Some of us just don't care anymore. It's so hard talking about it, because our hearts aren't in it. I miss you guys so much. I wish we could go back to JAKS, not JAK, or JAS, or AKS, or JKS, just JAKS. Because none of those would make sense. We wouldn't make sense.

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