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This is about what i think life is about and how you can get your self in some bad thing some times.

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011




You know what I see life as, it is just some one throwing problems your way it may be GOD or it may be some one that you know. Who knows, but you know what I know is that no matter how hard you try you cant just keep your self happy. You are just right in the middle your whole life time. And I just wanted to show you how hard you can fuck your life up in just on click.


So this was on a Saturday the 10th, I woke up and my mom had a warm breakfast for me. There was scrambled eggs,3 pieces of bacon, and potato’s cut up in to little squares. It was a good breakfast I did like it. While I was eating I was watching the news just because I was to lazy to get my ass up and get the remote. So I started to listen to it. There was and is a lot of bad shit going on in this world. There are wars and the USA is in trillions of dollars in debt. That propyl was the least of my problems that moment in time. I was thinking about my self and what I wanted to do today. I planed to go paintballing the day before because my mom wanted me to hang out with her Friday night which did not happen because of my selfish ass.


So back to the real story, I went up to my moms room to see if I could go paintballing she said that I could if I did some chores and went and played with our neighbor dog. So I went and made my bed and do the normal things a mom would ask for. Then I went over to the neighbors house and got  the dog and threw the ball around for a bit. Then I brought him back. Once I went inside I turned on the xbox and started to play it. Then my mom came in and told me that she does not want me on xbox. So I said “could you please give me a reason why?” she said “because I don’t want you on your ass all day.” So I got off and asked her again if I could go paintballing. She said “no why don’t you do something that does not cost $80.00 each time” We argued about this for about 15 minutes.


Once I lost the battle and got every thing that I like taken away from me. I went and called my dad. (my parents are divorced) When I called him I told him what happened and he said that he would pay for me and take me up there if he was in town. So my dad was not of much help. Then I told my mom that he would pay for it and every thing. Then she go on about how selfish I and how I never put people before others. So then there goes another battle. After that was over she told me that I was going shopping with her. So I just gave up and said “ok”.


Once I took a shower and I was all ready to go. We got in the car and I stated to give her attitude, that was not the best thing in the world to do now. So I cleaned up my attitude and started to calm down. Then some how she starts talking about why I am selfish and don’t think about others. Then is hit me. She was right, I was not thinking about others. I did not have one idea what I was going to  get my family for chrisms. So I went and looked at thing and got some ideas and got my self a nice knife and some wings out of the deal.


Once I got home my friend come over and we stared to watch the VGA’s. Me and jack (My friend) were having a good time watching the VGA’s when my moms boy friends stared to scream at her, while my friend was over. That kinda made me mad because it looked bad on my part. Once they stop fighting I start to hear my mom cry. Now I don’t know much about dating but I thougth it was because the two people likes each other. But that’s not the case between this 2. They fight every night and I just try to zone them out. Sorry I keep getting two much in to depth. So back to the main story. The later I asked my mom if I could go over to jacks and hang out there. She said yes. so we went to his house and chilled there for a while. Later I called my friend and asked him if he wanted to chill, he said yes. So then I call my mom and ask her if it is ok and it is. So we go to my hosue first to talk to my mom and get my xbox.


Once we got to Kevin’s house we went up stairs and set up my xbox for a night of gaming. It started off fun and every thing. Then my friend told me  something about some one. I thought it was funny. So I laughed and went back to gaming. About one hour later I got off xbox and got on facebook. I was scrolling down too see what was going on in the world of facebook. Then I found a status that this girl posted, and this happened to be the girl that my Kevin told me about. So I logged off face book and singed in to my cats account. Then I went to that status and commented “That awk moment when you hear some one giving a hand job in the hot tub.” I just posted it once. Then she removed it. So I was like fuck no and turned my spam bot on. I thought I only put it to type it 30 times but I went 300 times. So I start to get phone calls about it and I said “ o I did not do that” then they were like “shut the fuck up Dakota you are so fucked when I see you its not even funny.”


After that moment learning what I did was wrong. I started to freak out and start to just sit there and think about what I did. I knew it was wrong but I don’t know why I did it. So my friend said “don’t worry about it.” So I just went back to playing xbox. Later that night when my friends went to sleep I stared to think about how hard I fucked this one up. I did not mean it to harm any one but it did because I was not thinking at all. And even if I was to think it would just have been about my self and what I got out of it.


So here I am just typing my story about how fucking hard life is and how selfishness can lead to getting your self fucked. The world is a hard place to live in, but you know what, you just have to push on. Take is day by day.


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