Summer Winds of June

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Life Poetry

Submitted: June 20, 2010

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Submitted: June 20, 2010



Summer winds of June fly fast,
The hopeless seed tossed in the air,
Foaming waves caught the seed as it flew near,
The wind cried to lose its treasure.

...Swirling down into the murky depths,
The seed was embraced.
The Sea gave the tiny seed a Mighty Soul,
To fill it up,
And pushed it to the sky,
A thundercloud scooped up the seed,
And lightning flashed close by.

The seed now cracked and split and tore,
Thrown upon the sandy shore,
A fighting spirit now is born.

Cold and wet, almost not there.
A new life now is being spun.
The hopeless seed will feel the Sun.

Clawing at the rays of warm,
Pulling on them one by one,
Growing now, this life will be,
Happy here beside the Sea.

Tall and sure the branches bend,Touch the sea in the summer wind,Doves have filled the soft leaves with nests,One love forever is their gift. Remember the gifts you are given,Use them well,Embrace your life and the adventure it holds,For the Summer winds of June fly fast.

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