Aqua part 7 going to town

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i wonder what happens when she goes to town with some of the akatsuki members lol enjoy :)

Submitted: February 07, 2010

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Submitted: February 07, 2010



I woke up early and took a shower and headed down stairs. I went in the kitchen and saw we were out of some stuff I needed to make breakfast. O darn I’ll just have to go into town today.

I waited for everyone to get up when they did I asked pain if a could go to town.

"Sure but only if two people go with you."

"O umm sure" I said and turned to everyone.

they were all in the living room.

"Who wants to go to town with me?" I asked.

"Tobi wants to go to town with aqua-chan." he said excitedly.

"Anyone else?" I said. There was no answer.

"Put it this way if I don’t go to town there’s no breakfast" I said smirking. Just then deidara stood up and said I’ll go in a like I’m making him go kind of tone.

We walked outside and he made one of his big clay birds. Even though I was terrified of heights I still got on.

We flew about 25 minutes and then a town came in view. I told deidara to land over there by that market place. Then we split up.

I went to the market and tobi went into a fun house shop and deidara went to a weapon shop near by.

First I looked at the fruits then I looked at the meats, veggis and eggs.

Huummm they all look so good so I picked out a little of each. After I paid for them I headed to were deidara was, when a man about 16 walked in front of me.

"Hi I’m kreg."

"Hi kreg I’m in a hurry so bye" I said rather quick hoping he would get the hint.

"Where you going in such a hurry" he said grabbing my arm. I winced at the pain. I looked at him with a death glare and kicked him. I was released and I ran for it.

" DEIDARA!" I called out I saw deidara come out of the shop. I ran to him and grabbed his hand and rushed inside the shop. We hid behind a wooden counter.

"What’s going on aqua?"

"Umm well I kinda kicked this dude and now he’s kinda mad and after me."

"What?! Why did you kick a random guy?!"

I then explained the whole story to him.

"Oh well then why don’t we just get tobi and fly home?" He asked.

"And run away not a chance" I said.

"Then why are we hiding?"


"That’s not a very good answer."

"Well it is for you now quite im thinking."

"You think?" He said under his breath.

"I heard that!"

Just then the man walked in the shop. And trust me he looked ticked. Well than again I would to.

Come out come out were ever you are" he said walking in are direction.

"Hey deidara maybe running was a good idea. so lets go ok? Ok?" I looked behind me and he was gone I looked back in front of me and he was standing in front of the guy.

"What the heck is he doing?!" I stood up and went over to deidara. I leaned over to his hear and said…"are you trying to get us killed or something" I said angrily.

"Don’t worry I have him just were I want him."

"Sure you do" I said sarcastically. Just then the shop door flew open and hit the man knocking him out cold.

"Oops tobi sorry tobi didn’t mean to."

I ran over to tobi and hugged him. "Thank u tobi you saved me." I looked back at deidara and saw he had a (what the heck just happened) look on his face.

"Well umm I have everything so we can go now." I walked over to deidara and saw he still had that look on his face but this time I thought I saw his mouth twitch.

"A hello earth to blondy." He snapped out of it and we left.

We finely reached the hideout. As I got off the clay bird I took in a deep breath. "Haawww its nice to be back." I looked behind me and deidara was smiling and I think tobi was to.

"What?" I said.

"O nothing" he said still smiling.

We went back in the rock I mean hideout and I went to the kitchen. As I walked in i saw something that looked half plant and half man and well umm I screamed.


The thing looked over at me with a hungry look in its eyes. Itachi came in to see what the scream was for.

" Calm down its just zetzu" (sorry if I spelled it wrong L ).

"who’s that" I asked still freaked out.

"He’s a member of the clan" itachi said clearly amused.

I looked over at him he had a venous fly trap thing over him and his 1 eye was gold and 1 eye was black. Also 1 half of his body was white and 1 half was black o and he had green hair.

I walked over to him. "Umm sorry about that. my name is aqua ranaldae." He stared at me for a sec then nodded and left the kitchen witch would have been fine except that he went threw the floor. Ok than? I said with a ummm look on my face. I heard a smirk behind me and forgot itachi was here. What are you smirking at I said.

he just turned and left Leaving me alone in the kitchen. I started washing dishes. After I was done I went into the living room. I sat on the couch and watched some TV. A little bit later everyone went to bed and all the lights were off. I shut off the TV and headed to my room when I heard someone talking in another room. I leaned against the door and heard chanting. It sounded in a different language. I heard the chanting stop and I heard the person start to walk toward the door. I panicked. The door swung open and I fell in the room and heard the door close.

"What were you doing?" I heard someone behind me say.

I looked and saw hiden. "O great just my luck i really need to stop leaning against other peoples doors" I said to myself. O nothing just passing by.

"Really than why were you up against the door hummm?"

"Ok ok I was just wondering what the noise was sheesh."

"I was in the middle of a prayer" he said looking angry.

"Oh I’m so sorry I’ll leave then" I said nervously. Just then hiden blocked the door. Well that’s not good I said to myself.

What’s your hurry love? He said with a suductive grin.

" Gulp."

He walked closer to me and I backed up into the wall. He put both his hands on each side of my head and stared at me. He leaned in for a kiss when the door opened and sasori appeared. Hiden quickly backed away from me and I just stood there.

"What were you doing?"

"nothing" I said and quickly walked past sasori and to my room. I shut my door behind me and sighed. "Boy am I glad I didn’t have my first kiss with him." I took a shower with my heart still pounding and got in the covers and went to sleep.

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