Luca's Morceau

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
I don't like summaries. This is about a dude named Luca and anything else I tell you will give away part of the story. Just what the heck man, summaries suck.

Anyway, its fantasy-like with video game elements and romance so...yeah. I'm much less awkward in real life, I promise.

A morceau is a short work of literature or a short musical composition, so basically this is a short story called Luca's Short Story.

This was mainly a test to see how well I could write in second person and I think I maybe did well. I would greatly benefit from constructive criticism (if you've read my other pieces you'd see I'm all over the place and apparently self deprecating too \\(0o0)/!). Enjoy and a bit of unrelated advice:
Brush your teeth two times a day, remember to floss, and stop taking everything so seriously. Go with the flow of life, man.

TW: death, many screaming sad peoples, dragon references, charmed soulmate privilege, greek names, a gay couple in the background even though technically gay isn't even possible in this universe because of soul mates, that's about it

Submitted: May 15, 2014

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Submitted: May 15, 2014



You awake in your room. A calm piano solo plays in the distance. You recognize it as your town’s anthem, Fountain Run Lullaby. You always found this to be the most calming of your country’s anthems. You lay back down on your bed, taking in the peaceful, familiar feel of your quilted mattress. Gosh, it’s been a long time since you’ve felt the fibers of these sheets run across your calloused skin. Oh, how great it is to be back.

You decide to make your way downstairs. You run your hand across the baby blue wallpaper of your bedroom, taking it in as if you were about to leave on that journey...that you went on. The details are fuzzy, but you look at your double bed. You’ve shared special moments with Astrid, who you remember had a strong bond with you, on that bed. You think you were...soulmates? Where is she anyways. You decide to seek her out after you’re done taking in the scene of your bedroom laid in front of you.

Your eyes skim over the rainbow carpet, which is still stained purple from...that one time when Astrid brought grape juice into your room so she could paint with it. Yeah, you remember.

You have a desk next to your bed made out of pseudo-wood. On top of the desk sits a desktop computer which seems to have been severely damaged after you left. Anyway, you’re happy to see the room, even if it’s almost empty from when you left for your journey.

You start on your way downstairs, half considering sliding down on your butt like you used to when you were only a little boy, with big yellow orbs for happy eyes, freckled cheeks, and buzzed blond hair from the time when Astrid stuck her gum in your hair. Golly, she was mad about something, wasn’t she? You decide to take the safer option of stomping down the stairs.

“Mom!” you cry out, “I’m awake and home and stuff! You better be glad to see me,”

She doesn’t answer. You guess she must not be home. Huh, you’ll just have to find her when you find Astrid. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you see your kid brother, Kit, looking at a map. Oh! He must’ve turned fifteen after you came back from...the place. You can’t really remember where you were, you’re just glad to see Kit taking matters into his own hands. You run over to the mahogany table, a family heirloom, and pull up next to him.

“Hey, Kit. Whatcha doin?” you pester,

He looks your way, confused, the looks back at his map. You wave your hand in front of his face.

“Yullo?” He turns his head frantically, searching for the sound.

“Who’s there? Th-there’s nothing for you to take!” his maroon eyes show his fear. They slowly turn a brighter red as he turns mad. “This better not be a prank!”

“Whoa there, calm down kiddo. I’m your loving brother. I wuv you.”

You reach in to hug him and fail. Instead, you fall through him.


The scene of your house disappears. You are, instead, listening to an intense soundtrack. You recognize it as the anthem for the Mountains of Greycliffe. A musky scent hangs in the air, strengthened by the chilling humidity that freezes the glistening sweat on your forehead. You stand at the top of a mountain. The snow is tainted with blood. A girl with jet-black hair shudders over a particularly bloody spot. Is she...crying?

She is. You can practically hear her tears fall to the ground. The anthem for the mountains has changed to a chorale. You don’t recognize this one. It’s very quiet. He posture changes as she grabs a body. Ah, that’s what was spilling blood all over this beautiful snow, though you admit the blood adds an eerie beauty of its own. She cries out, her voice shaky with tears.

Luca!” you stagger backwards at the sound of your own name shrieked with such sorrow,  “Don’t leave me, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go. Please don’t tell me...don’t tell me...that music...that chorale.” She shrieks so loud that thee voice cracks as air rushes through her larynx to form the bent, garbled way in which she yells your name.

She doubles over in hysterics, bawling over the body. Wait a second, is that you? You circle around to see who she’s crying over. you. You want to vomit. But, if that’s you, where is Astrid. You already know the answer, but you prefer to block your mind from it. You realize what the chorale is. The overpowering melancholy of the tune outshines even the loudest of anthems, which play on repeat for each area of the Country of hearts, your home land.

It signifies death.

You didn’t recognize it because it was, you shudder, for you.


The scene changes to an even worse scene, and you almost wish you could hear she choked sobs coming from your Soulmate compared to this.

This is your funeral you guess. Here, everybody you know cries. Everybody but Astrid, who can’t move or do anything other than stare at your...ghostly?...form. Her irises are grey with sorrow, the only indicator of how your death has affected her. You can do nothing but watch. She clutches your dragon tooth necklace.

That thing is the reason you died, you suppose, because your journey never would have begun had it not been for that necklace. Your brother had an almost identical necklace in style, but his has a bear claw. He’s bawling over your casket.

You take a step towards your casket and see a face, mauled by what must’ve been the dragon. You recall the quest clearer than before.

You were given the dragon tooth long ago, when your soulmate found you. It was the best thing that ever happened to you. For the next ten years you waited. You trained. You spent time with astrid, who would accompany you on your quest to return the dragon tooth to it’s owner. Soulmates did that. Later in life, you would have to accompany her on a quest–if she ever got one. She, unlike the other children in your town, had no charm which signified her chosen journey. She had no dragon to battle, no sea serpent to wrangle, no witch to defeat in a battle of wits. No ultimate prize in return for her gift to the boss. She only had you. You both put all the work you could into preparing for your dragon quest.

Astrid didn’t lose hope until Kit got his bear claw on his twelfth birthday from the Fountain Run elder council. She cried in your arms that day, because now Kit and his soulmate, Basil, would accompany each other on their own quests, because Basil had gotten his charm long ago when he moved to town from Pine Bluff Creek.

She cried, because if a pair of soulmates didn’t have a pair of charms, one of you was destined to die. It was a well known fact. She was afraid it would be you.

She stares at you, clutching that charm, as if she can see you. That was silly though, because you have seen yourself dead a few times and you are pretty sure you’re a ghost now. Her eyes shift from a sad grey to a surprised yellow. A tear escapes from her left eye. I understand she mouths, and the scene shifts.


You’re at the scene of your death again. This time, you’re alive. The dragon doesn’t understand that you’re here to return it’s tooth. Piles of golden treasure glimmer behind it as the royal blue fire-breathing lizard prepares to strike.

It lashes out and hits you. Your chest is torn open and a high shriek pierces through the air. Astrid runs to your side. You shudder a breath out, gripping your hand as she hold you in her arms. In this cavern she has no way to save you.

Do you see what you did?” she shrieks at the dragon, “You killed him. You monster! I hate you!” she picks you up and starts to leave. The dragon has a look of remorse on its scarred, scaly face. It understands. It lets you leave.

She brings you up to the top of the mountain. She lays your limp, lifeless body on the perfect snow, which mars its pearly pristine surface. The blistering sun does nothing to melt it at this point. Astrid looks at the sky.

“O great goddess of the sun, hear my prayer and grant me The blessing,”

The blessing. You learned about that when you trained with Astrid. Sometimes the sun goddess will grant life to a deceased soul mate. The blessing can only be cast during the day. Only one soul mate per pair can use, and it must be on the other. It works best at a high point, close to the sun, but it rarely works. That's all you know.

Astrid pulls the dragon tooth I strung around your neck off and holds it up as an offering. She was winging it. Nobody had come back to tell of the blessing except the elder of their town, but he refused to speak. Because of that, nobody knows how to cast it. But she has to try. You could sense your soulmate’s uneasiness, her false hope, her heartbreak from watching you die. She knows it probably wouldn’t work, but she had to try.

The tooth glows in her hand. It starts to levitate, and you know she has succeeded. You feel hope emanating from your soul mate. You feel so happy for her. Wait, why haven't you come back to life. Isn’t that how it worked? You want to find more. You just want to be happy. You stagger back as the scene changes.

This must be the night before the funeral, because the town elder stands over you with Astrid by his side. You hear a burlesque playing in the back of your head. That must be the theme for the Elder’s palace. It’s...intense. The elder begins to speak and you walk towards the two having their conversation.

“He has been blessed. succeeded?” the elder asks, and Astrid nods.

“But he has not come back to life.” she speaks with the lilt in her voice you have come to love, where she stresses the ‘s’.

The elder looks over your body and grabs your wrist. By the heel of your hand there is a sun marking, which appears to have been burned into your skin. The elder’s eyes widen.

“Do you realize what this blessing does?” he questions,

Astrid shakes her head.

“It does not bring the body back to life, it brings the soul back to life. You would not want your soul mate to have to suffer in a torn up body.”

“But what did the spell do to bring him back. I get that his soul was brought back, but can I ever, you know, see him again?”

The elder just smiles and says, “Astrid, dear, the answer has been with you since the moment your soulmateship was blessed.“

Astrid sighs. You sigh too. You can feel the frustration coming from your soulmate.

The scene changes.

You are at your gravestone, watching Astrid again. Your gravestone is a beautiful sight. Made out of fine marble, a gift the elder gave to Astrid (you both spent weeks trying to figure out what to do with it, coming up with nothing in the end) for her eighteenth birthday. He must’ve known.

It has no engraving other than your name, Luca Petras. In the background, you hear the death chorale once again, though this time it seems more...upbeat. You’d label it as an etude.  Astrid grasps your necklace, her hand shaking with her body. This time, she’s laughing.

She giggles, “I understand, I really do, o goddess. I am ready to face Luca.” She turns to look at you, smiling as she catches sight of your living face for the first time since you died. Her eyes are bright orange, symbolizing a mix of love and happiness. Her mind is overloaded with so much emotion that her eyes fail to choose just one color. You can feel the turmoil of emotion as she walks towards your ghostly figure. She places a hand on your shoulder, this time making contact. She pulls you into a tight hug, and you hug her back.

“L-luca. I thought I failed. Oh my goddess, I thought you were d-dead, “ she sobbed. You just shooshed her.

“Shhhhh. It’s okay. Everything is okay.”

The scene didn’t change again.

© Copyright 2020 Bear Sandwich. All rights reserved.

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