Till Death Do Us Part

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Lilly got engaged to Dylan when they were both four. No one thought it would last through first grade. They were wrong. Not only did they last, but they lasted up until sophomore year. that's when everything got complicated

This was written for the make a cliche unique contest.

Submitted: July 27, 2013

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Submitted: July 27, 2013



This was the big day. Today, the girl known to Greenswood Elementary as Lillith Kingsley would propose to Dylan Smith. Of course, they were both four. After that, most Greenswood kindergarten students decided it wasn't real. They were only four. It wouldn't last. Little did they know, Lillith and Dylan would be together "till death do us part."

Eighth grade year was when it first got serious. all the kids in the grade were too immature to not snicker in health class, let alone kiss. All except for Dylan and Lilly. The whole grade figured that out when Dylan got Lilly the ring. That year at the eighth grade dance, Dylan got up in front of the whole class and That year at the eigth grade dance, Dylan got up in front of the crowd and gave a promise ring to Lilly. They both promised never to cheat on each other and that they would always love

each other. The ring was silver with a round sparkling amethyst in the middle. On the inside Dylan

engraved "Till death do us part".

Everyone knew that Dylan's father was a jewelry maker, so the ring was easy. The hard part

was going up in front of a huge crowd (about 250 students) giving a ring to the love of his life, and kiss

her right on the spot. A huge collective gasp enveloped the happy couple.

"Oh, Dylan, thank you so much," Lilly said, after the last dance.

"I--umm--uh--I wanted to know if you still really REALLY wanted to marry."

"Oh of course, Dylan," she said "is this" she held up her had with the ring "what the ring was

about? Renewing our relationship? Cause the ring is nice, but the kiss was stupendous," she said,

ginning like the chesire cat,

"How about we try it again?" Dylan suggested

"Sure thing, captain!" Lilly said quickly, eager to get to the kiss.

And so they finished the night in a locked kiss, only to be interrupted by the janitor telling them

they had to leave.

They both remembered that night with jealousy as they walked into the high school with ten

times the more complications than eighth grade, despite it being only two years ago. Lilly wished

she could get so many nights of her freshman year back that she spent on beating her brother at

mario kart instead of beating Dylan who was depressingly horrible at playing mario kart, then kissing

afterwards to make up for his loss. It was now she looked at their photo booth picture from the

eighth grade dance. She still had the thick brown hair that crowded her face. Dylan, however, had developed a plethora of acne. He had shaggy blond hair that covered his face from his forehead to his nose, contrary to his eighth grade self who had short blond hair, and dark, brown eyes. Lilly hung the picture in her locker and walked to first hour.

November 11th that year, the murders began. The police had decided the murders were serial when the second one occurred. Both victims died of neck wounds and of blood loss. All victims were found in the local high school-which just so happened to be Lilli's-and all with prior notice. Friends of the victims claimed that the victims came to them the days of the murders with notes, claiming they were to be the next one killed. The police could think of no suspect that could be capable of doing this without being caught. The twist: Earlier that morning, Lilli found a note in her locker. It read:

"You're next, be ready in the concert hall at 8"

Lilli had not yet heard the news, so she dismissed it. In fact, nobody in the whole school knew of the murders except for the ones close to the victims.

By the time Lunch came around, Lilli decided to show the note to Dylan.

"Dylan," she said "today I found a note in my locker. It's really strange."

Dylan looked at the note.

"It sounds dangerous," he said" maybe I should meet you there."

"I'd like that,"she said, smiling.

That night at seven, Lilli went to the concert hall. She waited for thirty minutes untill Dylan showed his face.

He sighed, "We need to talk,"

"Okay?" She whimpered. She was afraid after all these years, he didn't love her anymore.

"It's really hard to explain,"

"Is it about the killer?" she asked

"Yes and no," he said slowly "I know who it is but I can do nothing-" he staggered back "nothing I can do to save you."

She extended her hand to comfort him "Are you okay?" she asked,

"Stay away!" he yelled. He sat down and put his head in his hands.

"There's something about me you don't understand. Something that runs in my family. Those killings-they were me. I'm going through a change that I never wanted to go through. I can't control it. I found that out the hard way. I can't keep myself f-from" He took a deep breath, "I can't keep myself from killing you. You would've been destined to kill me, but my demon got there first. I finally get the message my father put in the ring. He knew one of us would kill the other-it was only a matter of time. I love you so much," he struggled to not kill her on the spot "but you'll be dead in a minute. I love you"

He pulled her in for their last kiss. The demon took over. sucking the blood from her body.

"I love you too" she said, as her last breath slipped away.


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