After Dark

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Meeting complete strangers in the dark and falling in love with them at first site. In the forest after midnight. Please comment what you think.

Submitted: October 06, 2014

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Submitted: October 06, 2014



His hair was raven black with the deepest set of red eyes. He had perfect features. The embodiment of a perfect guy was standing a little ways from me. I was awe strucked, paralizyed in my spot by his looks. If I didn't have a girlfriend ( who was a pain in the ass to break up with) I would be all over that. ' I should give her a quick call to tell her I'm breaking up with her and then hang up fast so she can't yell at me.' This was the simplest thought that had popped up in my mind. I quickly took out my phone dialed her number. " Hey Caroline I'm breaking up with you. Okay bye." I heng up just as fast as I had call then in a matter of seconds she was calling me back. I decided I should get my number changed, but for now I am going to turn off my phone. I looked up to see that the guy I had been staring at was gone. I went to turn around to walk away when I bumped into something. " Oww." I fell hard to the ground. Opening my eyes I saw him. He was extending out his hand towards me. " You know you really should be more careful." I took his hand and he lifted me off the ground then he pushed me into the nearst tree. " Like I said you really should be more careful." With such speed I could keep up with both my hands where above my head with only one of his hands holding them there. My heart was pounding, I was turned on by the ruff treatment. I was aroused by the way he smelt and his eyes looking at them up close you can see different colors in them. " P-p-please don't hurt me." I said as scaracstically as I could which confused him. " Are you not scared of what can happen?" His tone was serious and all I did was shake my head no. Then he kissed me it was rough, but at the same time there was a deep meaning behind it. There was something wet pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth and let his tongue slip in. There was a pain below my waist and I got all embrassed. He stop long enough to look down and take note of this. Letting out a cruel laugh he said, " Do you want me to stop or keep going?" I was whimpering like a dog. I didn't want him to stop. This felt right like it was the only thing that I was doing right in these past few days. " Please continue." Panting because I was still trying to catch my breath from the kiss. He continue and without supressing a moan I enjoyed myself.

~~The next day~~

I woke up in a strange room with something warm pressed up against my back. I tried to move way from it, but it's grip tightend around my waist. " Well I'm glad to see that you are finally awake." I heard a deep yet intense voice say from behind me. Then all of a sudden memories of what happened last night came to me. I suddenly got all flustered and my body temperature was rising I'm sure of it. I turned my head to look at the raven hair beauty. 'Oh god I wasn't imagining it that really happened last night.' My naked body was proof of that. He must have saw the confusion on my face. " By the expression on your face you are trying to figure out what has happened I pressume." My throat felt dry and all I could do was nod. " Well first you are the one who said coninue so I did what you told me to." Saying with a sly expression on his face. " Also I have know marked you, so you belong to me now. Meaning to do as I please to do with." My face for some odd reason went red, because I knew what that face meant. It meant I was in deep trouble, but I really didn't mind as long as I can still meet up with friends. " Oh one more thing. I do what I want when I want, so try to make it a little intresting. Even though I know you will. But there will be some times when I don't want you to fight back other wise there will be punishment." He winked at me. I was full blown embrassed now and turned my back to him. Where he was soon filling with kisses. I finally found the courage to speak. " Wait let's introduce ourselfs I am Cam." He looked vaguely amused before speaking. " You can call me Master. I am died serious about that, but my name is Loki." I could tell with the change in tone that is I didn't call him master punishment was in store, but I couldn't help myself. " Alright L-O-K-I." I let out a smile as he gave me the death stare. 

As I figured there was punishment. It wasn't anything to serious yet but I have a feeling that if I were to not abey the rules it would get worsier. 

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