You can't make me change

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You should be able to choose your own personality. This poem is about someone putting down the laws: YOU CAN'T MAKE ME CHANGE!

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



Honestly, people,

You can't rearrange,

Just listen once more:

You can't make me change!

You've tried and you've tried,

To move me to another range,

But please just listen closely:

You can't make me change!

If you meant it when you said:

"We like you just fine.

We like how you work,

We like your mind.

We love your heart,

And you're very, very, smart,"

Then you'd understand

Why I'm putting down my hand!

You can't make me change,

Or rearrange,

I'm in my own range,

Just don't make me change!

I was made for THIS purpose,

I was made for these shoes,

If I have my own body,

I should be able to choose!

© Copyright 2018 Beatrice Frost. All rights reserved.

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