Fuk what i said

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Me and this guy were real close and we were friends that were bout to become something more than he fucks me over for the ex and doesnt care about me anymore

Submitted: May 08, 2009

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Submitted: May 08, 2009



Not once had i been fucked over the way he did me
the one that got away came back and he doesnt care that im hurting
He choosed her because shes the one that got away but who knows i could just be telling myself that for thats what i want to belive i guess.
We were all over each other and she saw that thats when she wanted you back
I can tell you think your in love with her
when you dont even know what you really want
You convice yourself one thing and lost the one thing your heart really wanted
you didnt know if you wanted me or her after she gave you googly eyes
I got mad and walked off and you didnt even care you ran straight to her
and when you saw me crying one day you started smiling real big thinking it was because of you. You didnt even stop to ask. Then you started telling people yeah that bitch got what she deserved. I didnt even do anything
your fuck up and shes a bitch i hope she fucks you over again
so i can laugh in your face and you if you were to start crying because of her i would laugh even harder
And if you ever want me back i will straight up laugh in your face and say you got what you deserved bitch
I hate your guts and i want to hit you so fucking bad
Your a brick and shes a bitch yall are perfect for each other
And if you must know the reason i never asked you out was because i never felt good enough for anyone
and i never really wanted someone the way i wanted you
 You told me everything you were my best guy friend then it started turning into something more than you pull this shit
I know i deserve better now
im going to confince myself that for now on
Yes i deserve better

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