Her Kissing Skills

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Loosely based on a dream I had. I just twisted it around until I had a piece of fiction.

Submitted: February 15, 2007

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Submitted: February 15, 2007



I was walking with a friend towards the elevator. We had the day off school and I had come to meet my dad on his lunch hour. Somehow we got separated in the huge building and it wasn't until I stepped into the elevator that I realized she was gone.

In the elevator I felt alone, hearing the movement of the silver contraption, but wishing Loren were still there with me. Suddenly I felt a jolt. We stopped. My first reaction was to press the red button, the one for emergencies only. So I did. Then I realized that I wasn't completely alone. I looked around and saw several faces: a woman in a suit who looked as tough as nails and two men in suits who didn't bother to smile. Then I saw him. A guy about my age - the only person besides me wearing casual clothes.

I smiled at him and he smiled back - a warm gentle smile.

I ventured to sit down on the floor and invited him to join me. " Wanna come sit?" I patted the floor.

"Sure why not," he sat down as the adults just stared blankly at the silver walls.

"By the way, I'm Maddie."

"I'm Christian."

"Ugh," I heard the woman say as she put her hand to her forehead. "I have such a headache, I'm stuck - of all places - in an elevator, and I'm already late for work. Could this day get any worse?"

"Yeah Connie. Go ahead. Tell me all about it. Just forget that I'm the one who should be in bed sick," said one of the men, who couldn't seem to stop coughing his head off.

"Then why aren't you Eric?" Connie retorted.

"Because I had to be here to be at your service," he replied sardonically.

"I never said I wanted you here sick. Yeah you're supposed to be here for me but you're not supposed to be here spreading germs!" she barked. "And cut out the ‘at your service' crap. You sound so sexist. This is the 21st century. Hello!" Her face began turning red as her voice got louder.

"Wow, she's a fiery one," Christian whispered in my ear.

"Yeah I noticed."

"Sexist, my ass," came Eric's response.

"Oh, don't you even deny the fu-"

"Cut it out right now," I heard the second man saying. " Can we please be mature here and at least try to get along? This is a law firm, not kindergarten."

"Oh how sincere of you Ralph. Just act like you're the one who does nothing wrong," Connie asserted.

"I didn't say that. I was only trying to-"

"Make things better? Sure you were. You're always trying to..."

At that point I tuned out the voices and quit listening completely, turning my focus to Christian.

"This is funny as hell," he said.

"Yeah really. Lawyers arguing. Who woulda thought?"

"So...what brings you here anyway?" Christian jumped right into personal conversation.

"Well, my dad works here and I needed to come ask him about something."

"Hey same here. Well, sort of. My mom works here and she asked me to come have lunch with her. We never really have much time to talk at home."

"Yeah I totally know the feeling."

"So where do you go to school?" This guyreally wasa conversationalist.

"South Newell, over off Ridge Road."

"Oh I know where that is. I go to Lakeview, it's only a couple minutes away."


"You a senior?"

"I wish," I smiled wistfully. "Just a junior. Two more years till freedom. Definitely cannot wait to get away from home."

"Oh God I know. I can't wait either. I'm actually a junior too. I'm pretty sure I want to go off to some big party school and just have a blast...away from all the high school drama."

"Me too," I replied, sighing.

"Hey how long do you think we're gonna be stuck here?"

"Could be minutes, maybe...hours," I said with dread in my voice.

"Well, we might as well get comfortable."

"Yeah comfortable as you can get with a couple of yelling lawyers right beside you." Obviously, they were completely oblivious to our conversation, still wrapped up in their own little...argumentative worlld.

Making an attempt to get comfortable, Christian stretched out his legs in front of him - the elevator was actually kind of spacious...well it helped that I wasn't claustrophobic. Anyway, after adjusting my skirt, I boldly stretch out my own legs, on top of Christian's knees.

"Thanks for uhh...giving me your feet."

"You're welcome," I laughed. "Just be glad they smell like roses...I'm not even kidding."

"Are you sure?" he asked, sniffing the air for confirmation.

"Of course," I said confidently.

"Well, is there anything else you'd like to give me, whether it smells good or not?"

"Hmmm..." I paused in thought.

But before I could speak, he suddenly leaned over towards me, bent down towards my face and said, "Can I give you something?" And without waiting for an answer he kissed me.

That made the adults suddenly look in our direction.

"Wow...teenagers," Connie as the first to assert. I could only hear her voice because my eyes were closed and I was completely focused on the present moment.

I don't think I've ever felt a kiss more passionate than that one. We met only five minutes ago, but already I felt more of a connection to this guy than all ten of my last boyfriends. See I'm a spontaneous girl, but even for me, I was taken by a surprise. At least it a happy surpise.

"God you're good," he said, still leaning over me. "Where'd you learn to kiss like that?"

"Making out with pillows in 5th grade...? Just kidding," I said, laughing.

He laughed too, then went right back to it. Our second kiss seemed even better than the first. I wish it would've lasted longer though. Forever even. Two strangers, completely attracted, utterly infatuated, and perfectly content.

Suddenly, the elevator started moving again. Our lips didn't part yet though, almost as if we were stuck together.

The lawyers were still watching, faces gaping as if this were their version of MTV.

Then, in one second, the doors slid opened, as did my eyes. I felt my soft pillow, the warm silky sheets and realized that the ding was not the elevator door, but the beep of my alarm clock.

Confused and annoyed, I sat up in bed, trying to remember what had just happened. Overnight I'd turned from a quiet, plain and simple girl to a seductive hot babe. Wow!

It was a dream that left me staggering away, hungry for more. But common sense told me I wouldn't get more. I couldn't imagine the real Christians of the world asking me out. Too bad. My good kissing skills...that's their loss.

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