Make Things Right Again

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I wish I could say I didn't mean to hurt him, but that wouldn't be the whole truth. I did hurt him and I'm sorry. I hope he can forgive me someday.

Submitted: February 13, 2007

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Submitted: February 13, 2007



I think I made a blunder

A pretty big mistake

I let popularity

Get in the way of true feelings

The day that I met him

I couldn't stop laughing

His jokes completely perverted,

Yet they always cracked me up

He made me feel all fuzzy inside

Until I turned on him

I began to mock him

Say things behind his back

He became the boy

I couldn't stop making fun of

The boy who looked like Jesus

Because of his long, long hair

He became the boy

I wanted to avoid

Even though I never could

Come up with a good reason why

So one day I did avoid him

"Meet me after class?" he asked

"Of course I will," I lied

And out the door I ran

The other day I saw him

Standing far away

I called out his name

And he didn't turn around

I called him once again

With no response,

Not even a glance in my direction,

I walked away disappointed

I know I made a blunder

A pretty big mistake

But now I'm not sure

Just how to make things right

I want to look in his eyes again

I want to laugh with him

I long to throw myactions out the window

And never turn back again.

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