Once and For All

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This took a LOT of courage to write. I'm going through a difficult time right now because there is something wrong with my legs (they shake / feel weak at random times) but no one can seem to figure out the problem.

My family especially is not helping matters...they're trying...but I'm a teenager, and their words are just not getting through my head.

All I want is an answer, and I believe writing this is a step in the right direction. Well, it's at least a step AWAY from depression.

Submitted: February 08, 2007

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Submitted: February 08, 2007




There is something wrong

I know there is

But no one seems to understand


People seem to believe

That it's all in my head

Just a cry for more attention


The doctors say I'm in perfect health

Three MRI's, two X-rays, tons of bloodwork

And nothing is there


People tell me it's stress

That I need to relax

Try to work through the tough situations


The doctors tell things might be better

If only I would talk

To a professional listener


People stand in my way

Feeding me words I cannot say

Stopping me from taking the doctors advice


There is something wrong

I am convinced

Though no one else seems to see


Regardless of what they say

They cannot stop me:

I will discover answers somehow


Perhaps I am normal-

I know I am sane

But I will find out, once and for all.

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