Peace, Love and Joy

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This weekend I went on a church retreat. I'm now back home with a new outlook on life. This poem is about one of the many lesson I learned.

A lot of times people seem to focus on the negative qualities in people, forgetting about their positive side. It often comes in the form of gossip, and I admit I'm often guilty of it myself.

Now I'm changed, I'm willing to uplift and not put down. These are words straight from my heart.

Submitted: February 19, 2007

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Submitted: February 19, 2007




It's funny

How unaware we can be

It's amazing

How many things we cannot see


For the first time

I see the world with fresh eyes

We all have flaws

But over them we will rise


Now I have faith

In the goodness of humanity

I'm ready to give up

A life lived with vanity


I'm filled with understanding

Willingness to accept

I want to see beyond the bad

I rejoice in the tears I wept


All of my life

People have told me I'm nice

But the truth is

My tongue always been my vice


I've said so many things

That fill me with shame

I've done spiteful things

And I take all the blame


This weekend

I was taught

Something more

Than can be bought


Humans are

By nature weak

But everyone

Has a strength we must seek


Sometimes people

Are bound to annoy

All we can do

Is show them peace, love and joy.


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