Sogno Agitato

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I've never written anything like this before. This poem is based on a song by Suzanne Ciani called "Sogno Agitato" which, in Italian, means nightmare. This is kind of an experiment. I'm testing out the waters in a different kind of poetry...I would really like to hear your opinion.

Submitted: January 16, 2007

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Submitted: January 16, 2007




My fingers touch the keys

I close my eyes,

Let the repetition

Lock into my soul


I'm walking down these corridors

Driven, with no idea why

Walking, walking, walking

My feet will not cease


Now I begin to run,

I feel more pressure, desire

I must know what's happening,

I need to find out more


The light is dim,

The walls are dark,

I cannot see,

I can only feel

A hideous blackness

As it enraptures me


Suddenly there is a light,

Something ahead,

I run faster,

Faster, faster, faster!


Finally I reach the light

Only to discover

That I have landed in a dark cathedral

Filled with the faint light of candles


Why am I here?

I spin around, around, around

Looking for a hint of recognition,

Only to find ghostlike faces,

Wrapped up in hoods the color of night,

Watching me with a wary eye


There! There, I see,

I understand it now,

She lies there in the coffin,

Pale and stiff,

Cold, devoid of her beauty


My heart screams,

My soul cries for mercy,

My mouth is frozen,

Unable to utter any sound


I turn again,

Running, running, running

Out of this place,

And into the undefined beyond


I pause momentarily,

See churning water beneath me,

I hear my heart beat,

Ready to burst out of my body


I am ready now,

Ready to escape,

I take the plunge,

Falling, falling, falling


My eyes flutter open,

A look of fear on my face,

Until I realize

That this was just a nightmare.

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