The Veiled: Existence of Magic

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"There is no easy way to say this but... Jenna...You died last year with your parents." Miss Conti said, her sky blue eyes were full of sympathy for Jenna Conti. Her italian accent didn't seem funny to Jenna anymore.

"W-what?!" Jenna couldn't believe this. She wasn't going to listen to anything this old lady had to say, she was crazy! How could she have died when she was here right now? She was here, talking to her Grandmother.

Jenna Conti had lost her parents in a car accident a year ago, she had moved in with her grandma and grandpa right after the dreadful accident had occurred. Jenna couldn't remember anything at all of the night her parents had died, everyone just told her that her parents died in a car accident and she chose to believe it...that is until her Grandma, Miss Conti, gives her some crazy news. After she hears the supposedly real 'truth' of that night Jenna seeks for answers and fears that maybe the answers she's looking for might hurt her...or maybe even reveal what was supposed to stay hidden.

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The Veiled: Existence of Magic

Submitted: August 11, 2012

And you were there at the turn, Caught in the burning glow. And I was there at the turn, Waiting to let you go. Burn it d... Read Chapter