Vault of Thoughts

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A spirit is a multi layered labyrinth. Few exceptional souls, who dare to try, may find the true keys.

If I wrote stories for you;
Would you read them?
Small, dark, and obscure;
Would you see them?
My feelings
How they glow,
all alone,
just for you.
Like a star,
shining out,
through the fog,
in my mind.
Hopes racing by,
I'm behind.
Would you hear them?
Softly spoken whispers on your ear now.
Would you sense them?
Words racing through your mind,
I'm a scribe.
Painting pictures
of snow covered yards; sunset beaches.
Can you feel it?
My hand pressed to yours;
Lets get closer.
just amiss;
breathing mingles.
Warm on the skin;
body tingles
Hearts beating fast;
can't go back.
rushing forward.
Our galaxies collide;
in my eyes,
going blind.
down to earth.
Sun is shining.
You turn your back;
walk away.
This moments gone,
so are you.
Here I sit.
Curse my gentle smile
I'm on fire.
My thirsty lips,
pursed in spite,
form a seal.
to the vault,
of all my thoughts,
you'll never see.

Submitted: November 21, 2020

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