Eteranally Damned

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This is my first project I've been working on for a little while...basically it's a WWYFF (who will you fall for?)and I really liked the idea of being able to pick your own character's personality. Being part of the story makes it so much more fun to read! Well anyways, I hope you enjoy it, give me some feedback, ideas if you feel like sharing. I'm always looking for new material.

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Chapter One: How it all began...

“C’mon baby, just one drink?”

You try and fail to keep the surprise off your face as a drunken boy you’d never seen before and stumbling to stay straight tries to thrust a drink in your hands. His tall frame looms over yours, and you mentally kick yourself for letting yourself be backed into a corner…

a) How stupid does this guy think you are? You can see whatever he’s just put into the cup fizzing at the bottom! Bull. Shit. You ground your teeth together as a sweaty hand clamped down on your shoulder as you’d made to leave. The jerk spun you around and in his stupidity managed to spill the contents of the cup down your front. You gasped, shoving him away with all the strength you could muster and fixed him with a glare as he lay on the floor, dazed and confused. “You listen to me you oaf!” You hissed and took a menacing step forwards, and he tried to scramble back; he’d picked the wrong girl to piss off. “Touch me again, and I’ll break your hand. And try to drug me again, and I’ll have your dick off faster than you blink. Got it!?” He nodded, wincing under the intensity of your glare, stuttering apologies as he scrambled up and stumbled away.

b) “Please, just leave me alone.” You stuttered, wincing at the own fear evident in your voice. He also, picked up on this and grinned, practically shoving the drink in your face. “Well drink then!” He smiled, and how your skin crawled at how his eyes roamed over your dress. Please god, please make him go away! You pleaded in your head, trying to muster the courage to tell him where to go, but no sound left your lips. You figured that if you took the drink he’d at least leave you alone, let whatever he’s obviously put into it to settle into your bloodstream. He smiled once more as you took the cup from his hands and pretended to take a sip. You forced a smile on your lips and he leaned closer, making you freeze as he slurred, “I’ll be seeing you later,” Before winking and walking off. As soon as he was out of sight you poured the drink down the sink and rinsed out your mouth, making sure nothing was left on your mouth before trying to calm your shaking hands.

c) “Look, I know you find me attractive, and hey, I don’t blame you, but you see…I’m not…into guys, that much.” The seedy look on his face froze, and then disappeared completely as he was suddenly leaning away from you with a disgusted look on his face. “Whore,” He muttered as he turned and as quickly as a drunken person could-which was not really fast at all-hurried away from you. You stifled the laugh that was bubbling from your throat. Honestly you were too good, just too damn good at lying. With a new found vigor you follow the sound of the thudding bass and join the crowd for a bit of late night dancing. Time to bust a few moves, get down and boogey, tear up the…oh forget it. Once finished, you pulled out of the tightly packed dance floor and walked back into the kitchen to fix your own drink, making sure that there was nothing in any of the cups before gulping down some cool water. Ahh, much better.

d) “Thank you, but I already have a drink. Would you like another one?” He seems completely thrown off his game by your unbelievably innocent request and etiquette. He stumbles for a suitable answer, but eventually gives up. You’re too innocent for what he had in mind. You watched his retreating back with a mix of confusion and a sense that you’d managed to avoid something really bad. With raised eyebrows you shook it off and decided to make your own drink again, you’d left it on the table for too long without keeping an eye on it. You never know, someone could’ve put something into it! After your drink was made you sat on the bottom of the staircase, quietly sipping at your water and thinking what a crazy party this was. Maybe a little too crazy for your tastes.

You sighed deeply. You wanted to go home. With that thought in mind you hunted around the house for Anna, dodging grinding bodies and empty alcohol bottles as you went. After five minutes, you gave up; you’d searched the whole house for her and she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Looking at the door, you remembered you had your phone with you, and your boyfriend was only a phone call away. He’d warned you about going to this party, but you’d been adamant that it would be ok. Oh how wrong you really were. The next thing you knew had one hand on the door handle, your phone in your other, ready to admit defeat rather than suffer anymore abuse here, when the second you opened the door you almost had to close it again. It was absolutely pouring down with rain outside! You cursed, quickly wiping the rain from your arm as you put your phone to your ear, pressing it into your skull to hear over the ear-splittingly loud music booming through speakers in the living room. You heard the brief sound of the dial tone, but then a beep and…nothing. Looking at your phone, you realized that there was no signal.

  1. “Shit,” You cursed again, knowing that you’d have to endure a few more hours. Just a few hours…
  2. “Oh.” Was all you could manage, the sense of dread of staying here another few hours making your stomach turn.
  3. “Well that’s just great!” You remarked sarcastically, shoving your phone back into your bag.
  4. “Guess I forgot to charge it again,” You mumble, returning the phone back you’re your bag as it was no longer useful.

Sighing again you walked over to the surprisingly vacant couch next to the window. The curtains were drawn, so you decided on a whim to open them up, maybe you could stare outside at the dense forest just on the edge of the drive? After they were firmly pulled back and the view of the eerily dark forest spread out in front of you, you sighed again, resting your chin in your hands as you tiredly viewed the landscape. You jumped in surprise as a silhouette shot between the trees, moving too fast for you to fully focus on. A deer or something you guessed.

Wait; was that…a person out there?! Your eyes widened as you saw crystal clear the form of a human body darting in and out of the lush forest, almost taunting you. Every time you tried to get more of a better look, it moved again. What the heck!? You blinked fast, even tried rubbing your eyes, but there it was. It was definitely a person out there; you could just make out the line of their shoulders. And suddenly, the figure stopped moving completely, and you had the most uneasy feeling that it was looking at you. At least in the direction of the house. You shuddered, a chill running down your spine as it spun around and took off deeper into the forest, but not before leaving you with the most insane urge, no, itch, to follow it. No matter how much you tried to tell yourself how stupid an idea it was, your brain would not let it go.

It was only minutes later that you found yourself outside, the rain bouncing off the ground as the black sky did nothing to make you feel safer. You cursed your insatiable curiosity, but decided that anything was better than suffering that damn party. Besides, you always did have an-if slightly dangerous-adventurous streak in you. You yelped as your heel caught some grass and you almost toppled over onto the wet ground. You growled and removed your shoes, figuring that you’d definitely break your neck trying to maneuver your way around tree roots and stuff, so you left them by the nearest tree trunk you could find and ventured on.

It must’ve only been about ten, maybe fifteen minutes later when you realized you were lost, having followed the mysterious figure that kept appearing then disappearing until you were so far into the forest, you couldn’t even see the house or the music anymore.

Oh boy.

Stopping now and looking around, a shiver climbed up your back as you noted how dark it had became. Indeed, you could hardly see a hand in front of your face, let alone a few feet in front of you. Stopping to catch your breath and get your bearings, you let your rain drenched back rest against a tree, the bark digging a little into your back but you didn’t care. You listened to the quiet chatter of the forest creatures and the rain and wind rustling the leaves. Everything sounded muffled, because of the trees? Now that you had taken a moment to rest, perhaps now would be the best time to think about your next plan of action…

  1. Hmmmm, maybe I should just shout at whoever it is that I was following to show themselves, and then…ass kicking time
  2. …Cry? *sniffles*
  3. Try and tame a wild rabbit. I will ride my noble steed out of here! ...*cough* ha, ok, maybe I don’t really have a good idea…
  4. I could always try and backtrack, find something I passed before I got to this spot?

After a second or so of debating, you finally chose to backtrack. You remember seeing a weird looking tree with freaky branches and a trunk that looked like someone had twisted it all the way around, so off you went in search of freedom from this damn forest. But you had only taken your very first step when the snap of a twig had to spinning around, looking for the source. You froze, ears stretching to hear any minor sound. Nothing. Probably an animal. So you continue, just about to hoist yourself over a stuck up root of a tree when the noise sounds again, and this time, your blood cools. You get the most distinct sense that someone is watching you. Now, the question is, what do you do about it?

  1. Beat the jerk with a branch!
  2. Feint. I don’t want to see who’s chasing me and I know I’m not fast enough to run!
  3. …I’m kinda caught between peeing myself and making a run for it, either way, I’m frozen in place right now.
  4. Please be an animal please be an animal. Ok, turn on three. One…

If you chose mostly A’s…

Your eyes dart to find something, anything that can be used to defend yourself. You refuse to go down without a fight. Hell, you refuse to go down at all. Seeing a particularly large stick you snatch it up and move to spin around, but no-one is there. You don’t buy it for a second though, and it is with that thought in mind that you take a step forwards back the way you came, eyes scanning the suddenly intimidating undergrowth. Suddenly a sharp pain whips across the back of your head, and you groan, dropping your makeshift weapon and crumpling to your knees with the pain.

You see stars, dots, and a few unicorns, before your eyes drift closed and you lose consciousness.

If you chose mostly B’s…

True to your word, the suddenness of the sound and the unhealthy amounts of panic streaming through you, your body sags, before giving up completely. You are out before your body has even hit the ground. That’s going to leave one hell of a bruise!

If you chose mostly C’s…

Still frozen in place, you try and continue to listen for any warning sounds that someone is sneaking up on you. A second passes, then two. After ten you breathe out slowly, and move to lift your other leg over the stupid roots. Unfortunately your foots catches on a particularly twisted part of the root and with dismay you find yourself falling forwards, the last thing you see is the forest floor as it comes up to meet your face in the harshest of ‘soft’ landings since…well, ever.

If you chose mostly D’s…

“…Two…three!” You gasp as you turn around, expecting to find a serial killer or wild animal. To your relief you find nothing. You breathe out shakily, and right yourself. How silly that you thought something would be here, wanting to cause you harm! Holding your shoes in one hand you maneuver yourself over some earthed roots and duck under some brambles. You were in awe of the fact you’d managed to get so deep into the woods in the first place, your sense of direction was…not the best in the world. But now you were focused on getting back, and it was because of this that you didn’t register the presence behind you…or the cloth suddenly clamping down on your mouth and nose before it was too late. You gasped reflexively and coughed as you felt the muggy thick substance drift down your throat, making your vision go blurry. The last thing you saw was a shadowy figure holding you up before you finally lost consciousness.

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