Don't Deny it to yourself; Move

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A young teenage girl trying to pull herself out of depression from a past trauma with her Father figure

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



Trauma does happen

life goes on

you can't change the past

days fly by

before you know it

your long gone

lost in your own Wonderland

the entrance disappears behind you

There's no other way but out

Walls surround you, cloudy walls just inches

from your skin

On the inside looking in

their invisible but plain to see

from your perspective

Numb is a feeling you know well

You think to yourself

"Hey, my lifes not that bad"

yet, you seem so sad

You wonder around aimlessly

looking for that exist

but there's no sense of direction

besides you know noone can save

you from yourself

so how exactly are you suppost to

find light in the dark?

Get up off your ass

quit crying and start a fire

is the answer that you seek

but once you have what you

want where you gana go with it?

Fear is not in your vocabulary

Strong and Bold

is how man survive but

fear is there, in every living thing

You taking on those fears

is a sign of you showing no fears

You walk forward determined

choosing your path

within each day

your eyes open wider

then you can see things you

couldn't see before

you keep going down the path

all these thoughts form

you realize the mind is a destructive place

but without thoughts or words

nothing would ever get down

You remember now

silence never solved a problem

all it ever did was sugar coat it

and you think back to

where you went wrong and

how you could of done it differently

you feel a sense of pride

Because all those things

in your past made you who

you are today and the

people who question your

every internal conflict

will never understand.

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