The strength within

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Strength comes within us. Please read and comment.

Submitted: August 21, 2014

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Submitted: August 21, 2014



Letting go is like setting free a part of you that no longer has the strength to live and breathe as before. 

It's like the last breath your holding on to in order to survive what the mind can no longer comprehend. 

In my eyes, pain is a wonderfully cursed blessing. It makes you weak to a point of self destruction, it builds the hope of losing faith but it also builds the foundation to protecting yourself, being stronger than the unimaginable. 

It's like waking up one day, and you realise that your soul is already flying amongst the heavenly skies above you. The moment you escape into a better world, suddenly it becomes an over whelming sensation.. It's like walking into heaven bare foot and alive. It's unreal, but one day it happens. 

I'm forever holding on to memories, that I simply cannot settle for the value of life and adventure itself. 

I don't wish to take advantage of my life, but I also don't want to experience the hurt and loss like I have the now. I want to grow stronger and one day look back at the person trapped on the other side  - because we only have one chance, but many choices. 

One day ... We have to die eventually.  


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