My Path

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Does our path end with Death?

Submitted: October 16, 2008

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Submitted: October 16, 2008



The Path


And there I stood.

I knew that I had come to this place of my own free will, but the events that brought me to this place specifically have transpired outside the realm of my memory.

Quickly the realization comes that this is an important place in itself. Any relationship to geography or reality is irrelevant.

This place where I now exist is unique in that every visual observation is accompanied by an emotional companion.

The road on which I stand is clearly of importance to me as I instantly recognize it as the path my soul has chosen to travel.

Gazing forward I see only uncertainty. Strangely, there are no other feelings from the sights ahead.

I can only guess a road untraveled best resembles clay; limitless potential but nothing until choices are made to form it's shape.

Looking back for some clue or suggestion of my course of action, I find only the oblivious.

The fact that the road already traveled is complete and done and so I know forward is the only way I can go.

And so I begin to walk.

After traveling for a time and distance of no matter I came across a man. As I neared this kneeling figure I could see that he was clearly in a state of prayer.

I stood next to this Man for a time without any acknowledgment of my presence.

So I broke the silence with my questioning of his reason for such intense prayer.

His explanation was unexpected but somehow I felt it was a truth not a belief.

He told me that down this road stood Death and he was on his way.

Furthermore he explained to me that as we were alive we did not possess the ability to see into the next world, and that is why we see so little down the road.

I make one observation about the man that became my guide. For as he asked me to join him in prayer, I knew I must say no.

You see I saw an uncertainty where this man saw confusion and where I had seen possibility he saw surrender.

So, on I went, amused by the man's warnings that soon I would meet death without the benefit of salvation.

I traveled a great distance down this path. As I did, I encountered many others, all basically the same.

There were different methods and different gods, but one and all only offered me salvation for surrender.

They all condemned me for not joining them, saying I would suffer when Death came for me.

They pronounced a sentence of damnation when Death's finger came to touch me.

I kept on walking until, surprisingly, I found myself standing still, face to face with Death.

Silence was broken as I heard Death ask me why I showed no fear of him or what he could do to me.

The answer was simple.

I went on to say that the only absolute truth I have ever encountered is that as a consequence of being alive I shall someday meet Death.

I then explained I was more interested in exploring what could happen as we live than hiding from the inevitability that at some point, life must end.

Then, anti-climactically, with a nod and the phrase, "Until we meet again," Death began to leave.

Surprised, I asked why later and not now that I should die.

Momentarily stopping, he turned and said...

"Your path does not end here, it continues on. Besides, down this road many souls are waiting for me."

In Memory of my husband...
-Bradley Eugene Clark, a.k.a. Thumper

May 28, 1976 to September 20, 2004

Forever, Bradley, I will love you. May our paths once again join, and may we travel further together down the road we have chosen. Until then, I miss you with every breath. I only hope that you can see the wonder and greatness that our son is becoming, from wherever you are. Blessed Be.

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