In the face of backing down. I do not think so.

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Telling the story of one man who wouldn't back down.

In the face of crisis he didn't back down.

He remained strong and with no frown.

He choose to lead his country to victory.

He has made many steps in the face of history.

A man that stood strong to the end of what he said.

People can rest easy and sleep in their beds.

He was a man that had a conviction to do the right thing.

He was the top leader and part of the west wing.

He is a man that wanted to help and keep the country safe.

He put those people who hurt us in their place.

He is a true American and one that I am proud to say.

I have gotten to know through reading each day.

He is a man of his word and kept it through and through.

God Bless this man for leading our country and God Bless You.

He is a man that had a lot of will and push.

Our Former President George W. Bush

Submitted: November 10, 2010

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