at a razors edge.....(Selfharm cutting)

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based on true experiences of my self...i write about a young girl called girl. who selfs harms at the young age of 12. may cause upset for some people

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011



i rember the day it all started....i knew i wasent perfect from day one but i always had a little bit of hope. when i put make up on and my sister done my hair and i had a nice top and jeans or skirt on i would look nice. and people said that to. and you could ttell they wernt lyiing. but when we walked out the school gates as a group and just stood by the tree waiting for some people i knew somthing wasent write. as my soon and my boyfriend reached out to hold my hands i knew somthing was going to happen. and it did.

"YO! omg thats your girlfriend....i swear you said she was fit....." it was him. i hated him. ever scince that day he sniggerd at me.. any way he said "but she...well yuck." he burst out laughing. i must have been going red because another boy. not my boyfriend. (who by now had let go of my hand and moved about 6 steps away) jumped in and said to back of. all my friend espiclly the boys made shore i was ok. my best friend, (her) hugged me and pushed me out the croud. we all made are way to the park. my boyfriend looked at me as we sat down and went to put his arm around me to hug me you no.when there a was a burst of laughter. most of are group was on the swing. he looked at me then jumped up and joined in. i said to her that i wanted to go now. as i was sleeping around her house.

"look dont worry about what happend. oh chin up here comes lover boy." she said with a grin that was slowley dissapering as he got closer.

we went to the cornor shop and got us some ice-creams. i rember opening mine and the choclote decorationg going down my top into my bra. it made us all a few weeks passed and things were going well. until my boyfriend thought i was having the hots for my boybestfriend. apparntly he saw me and him holding hands evrey where. and secritly talking about him. i said he was crazyy.....the next day hee dumped me. i sat in all my classes with a brave facce until last lesson i fell to he floor crying my eyes out.....because i got on better with boys they come up to me they hugged me and even ran out the class without perrmisson just to get me some tissues.....i felt sepchil then. but when i got to my dads (as it was friday i always go to my dads friday till sunday then my mum picks me up on sunday and has me until get the drift~) that night i went up to the bathroom and turned thhe cold tap on. i saw the razor out the corner of my eye...i picked it up and held out my arm but then i put it down

i ran a warm bath and got in trying to distract my self by reading a book. but the razor flashed in my mind. my thoughts were going crazy....i reacched and got it cutting my arm. 8 cuts bleeding...not really badly deep but deep enough to scar......

to be continued....

p.s this is based on me....and the girl who is talking well you can probablly guess who it is....the reson i didnt name the people is because i didnt think it was a write thing to do...

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