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An attempt to claim the raw, fleshy emotion which is overwhelming after giving birth to and bonding with your own child. I wrote this not long after my second child was born during a time when I felt emotionally drawn, and quartered, and, so much love.

Submitted: October 09, 2006

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Submitted: October 09, 2006



Oh sweet little face,
who meets me here,
as I exhale upon your birth.

Come to me,
your little soul,
remind me of life’s worth.

Innocence pale against my sin,
a tiny caller at my heart.
Not worthy am I the charge to adore,
for I am dark, yet I mean to be light.

Oh sweet little face,
whose name does dance,
eternally, upon a brilliant star.

Forgive love imperfect,
forgotten and forsaken,
adrift in the darkness, yet never so far.

There is love for you behind my skin,
scarcely a speck of the love beyond.
It ages not with the fade of this page,
nor the echo of time’s own song.

Oh sweet little face,
whose every tear,
forever on my lips.

When you are old,
and I am gone,
my love shall not eclipse.

For when you glance upon these words,
I am kissing your weathered face,
I am holding your aged hand in mine,
You are within my unending embrace.

Oh sweet little face,
who met me there,
many a time since past.

I am loving you then,
as I am now,
and as I will be,
always, and last.

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