The one who is now gone.

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The true story about me hiding my biggest secret and how it got out.

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



It was Summer when I got a call from my guy fiend Logan, He told me to meet him at the park. I biked there, No one was there so I started to bike away, I heard some guy screaming "I LOVE YOU!" from the tunnel underground. I turn around to see a cute guy staanding there looking at me,

"hey" He said,

"umm hi? Logan who is this?" I asked,

"This is Parker my step brother." Logan said said,

"Oh uh hi!" I spoke.

"He saw your school picture and thought you were hot and wanted to meet you." Logan added

We walked back to the park, and sat by the rope climbing and wooden poles.

"Marissa Zins shorts are way too short." Parker said,

"I wear short shorts but my butt doesn't hang out the bottom like hers." I said,

"Ya yours are hot!" Parker yelled.

I was flattered and just blushed and laughed. He was so cute I couldn't even focus. The next few weeks I went to the park everyday and meet up with Logan and Parker. I started getting real feelings for Parker, he would ask me out almost everyday. I loved the attention but felt like I didn't know him well enough yet. Plus I wasn't ready for a boyfriend at the time. Parker would always slap my butt and stare at me, I thought it was cute but pretended like I didn't like it because I knew he would keep doing it if he thought I didn't like it. He did just what I wanted and didn't stop, something I didn't know about Parker was that he lives in Flordia and only visits in the Summer. Parker left as quick as he came. It really hurt me when he left, I wanted to cry really bad. I kept in touch with him though. I even dated him, it was the best lng distance reletionship you could ever imagine. Everything was perfect and I couldn't imagine it any better.

Summer came around again and I was so excited and nervous. What if he thought I was ugly? He came to my house almost right away. I stayed in my house and hid as a joke. He didn't think it was very funny and he left. That was the last time I saw him. He ignored me and it was obvious that we broke up. I don't know why it made him so mad. To this very day I still try to talk to him text and call him, He never answers me. It breaks my heart because I am deeply in love with him. He will never know it either. I have a new boyfriend and love him dearly, but no one is better then Parker. I hope some day he will talk to me because I know if he doesn't I will have to get over him, that wil be the worst thing in the world. I can not fathem getting over Parker. I love him way too much. He is now known as PFF to all my friends and me. It means Parker from Flordia, He is perfect. <3


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