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Excerpt from one of my current books Changed

Submitted: June 10, 2012

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Submitted: June 10, 2012



I watched as the girl, my new roommate, walked through the door.  Oliver squeezed my hand.

The girl was beautiful.  Easily seventeen, tall, slender, with long, thick black hair that hung loosely down her back, and tan unmarked skin except for marks on her hands and wrists that looked similar to tattoos.  Her ebony eyes shimmered as she took in all our faces.  She wore a long sleeved red shirt with sewn in jewels around the neck, and skinny jeans with gold gladiator sandals.  She also had a gold chain around her neck, but the charm was hidden under her shirt, and gold chandelier earrings.  She was gorgeous.

Mrs. Coleman smiled, coming down the hallway behind us.  "Welcome Chandee!  My name's Mrs. Coleman, and these are your house mates.  And Abbi here," I felt her hand rest on my shoulder, and Oliver let go of my hand, "is your roommate.  So please get to know each other and we'll see you two at dinner which is in fifteen minutes.  Abbi," I turned to look at Mrs. Coleman, "please show Chandee around."  I nodded and she released me.

As Mrs. Coleman left, so did everyone else except Oliver who stayed by my side.  Chandee picked her bag up off the floor,  And waited expectingly.

I sighed and waved her upstairs.  "Our room's up there."  Chandee nodded and went up ahead of me.

"Are you okay now?" Oliver murmured.

I nodded again and he quickly kissed my forehead before walking towards the kitchen.  I went upstairs and found Chandee already waiting in front of our door.  I forgot I locked it.

I pulled the key out of my pocket and quickly unlocked it, letting her go in first.  I watched as she glanced around the place as if taking note of all the candles and papers littering my deak, floor, and dresser.  My room was not as big now with the extra furniture, that will now be hers. There was now just enough room to walk between the beds, about four feet from the foot of the beds to the dressers, and then all along the door wall was our deaks; there will be no parties in our room.

"It's small, no?" I nearly jumped at the sound of Chandee's slight accented voice.

"Um, yeah," I sighed, "it is now."

She nodded and sat her stuff down on her bed.  "Is your real name Abbi?"

"No, it's actually Abileen.  I just prefer Abbi."

She smiled.  "My name's Chandee Shirina.  But I prefer Chandee.  That boy downstairs, is he your boyfriend?"

I nodded, sitting down on my bed.

"His name?"

I looked at her.  Tried to feel for her energy field, but only got pushed back.  So not telepathic.  "His name's Oliver."

"What does he do?" She asked, sitting down in front of me.  Challenging me almost.  I tried to feel for any loose thoughts coming from her, but only got darkness.  so not psychic.

"What do you do?" I asked, innocently.

She laughed, and pulled up her sleeves.......to flawless skin.  Not a compeller.  "I'm not really sure."

I cocked my head. "No parents."

She shook her head.  "No, I've grown up in an orphanage since I was an infant.  But ever since a few weeks ago, my seventeenth birthday, I've been able to do strange things."  I gasped, and as I did I took a deep breath.....no signs of herbal aromas.  So not a witch.  And she's too -- confident -- to be a blendser.  What else is there?

"What kind of 'strange things'?"  I asked, suddenly uneasy.

She smiled, and I watched in horror as the candle on the bedside table next to us began to slowly rise into the air.....

"Oh my god...." I whispered.

"Strange, no?" She continued to smile, confidently.

I nodded.  "That's impossible."

She shrugged. "I assume not since I'm obviously doing it."

I watched as it slowly lowered back to the table.  she sighed, "My mistress thought I was crazy and sent me to a mental hospital.  One day there, and the woman in charge has me sent here the next day..."

I stared at the candle.  "Then how did you know about us?"

Chandee paused, "The woman who brought me here explained this world to me.  It was confusing at first, yes.  But now I understand why I am the way I am.  And don't worry abou anything else, I'm getting blood tested later today."

I sighed with relief, but before I could respond, she continued.  "So what are you?"

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