Living in a world of Abuse

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A fictional story about how one little girl lives in a world of abuse and darkness and comes out of it a survivor.

Submitted: February 02, 2008

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Submitted: February 02, 2008




Living in a world of Abuse

Author:Rebecca Newman


This story is completely fictional but the subject matter is real.

This is the fictional story of how one little girl is living in a world of abuse and through the kindness of her social worker and the miracle of finding her real father how her life is turned around for the good.






Chapter 1




Georgia Ann Allen had been living in a house of horrors for as long as she could remember. She might only be 8 years old but the abuse had started when she was only 3 years old. Her mother had married a known sex offender. Her mother cared more about her needs than her daughter. Her stepfather would come into her room when her mother was at work and make Georgia Ann do things to him and he would do things to her. Georgia Anne finally got the courage to tell someone about the abuse. Someone that would listen to her and believe what was going on. She would go to school with bruises on her body and she was barely able to sit down because of the sexual abuse that was happening.

She finally told her school guidance counselor. Georgia Anne had become very withdrawn in school and very quiet in her classes. Her teachers had started noticing that she would not raise her hand in class to answer any questions and rarely did her homework now. The teachers finally decided to call child protection to come talk to her. She didn't really open up to them though but she did open up to the social worker that came to the school the following day. She literally curled up in a ball and started to cry because of everything that was happening to her.

The social worker told Georgia Anne that she wouldn't have to go back to her house and that she was going someplace safe. The cops went to her parents house to arrest the stepfather. The mother was still in denial that he did anything to her daughter. The mother even told the police that her daughter was lying. Georgia Anne's mother told the cops to put her in foster care because she didn't want an evil child like that living in her house. The stepfather was later released from jail. Georgia Anne was taken to foster care.

Georgia Anne was told by the police and also by the social worker that she would be safe from harm. Little did she know though she was going back into a horrible life of foster homes and abuse. She thought that she was safe from the abuse that she had gone through living with her mother and stepfather. Her biological father had no idea what was going on. When her parents had divorced. Her mother had cut off all ties with him so that she couldn't see him anymore. She told the social worker that was working with her that she wanted to reconnect with her biological father. The social worker told her that she would do everything in her power to get her reconnected with her father. It might take some time but she would get them reconnected. She said that she would have to at least stay temporarily in a foster home till she found her father. Georgia Anne didn't like that but she said that she would deal with it as long as she can see her biological father. Her mother had told her that her father didn't want her anymore that is why he didn't come around anymore to see her. Georgia Anne realized that her father stopped coming around when her mother and stepfather married. She over heard her mother talking to her father one night regarding visitation. Her mother told her father that he would no longer be able to see Georgia Anne. Her father wanted to know why but her mother cut him off and just hung up on him. Georgia Anne couldn't believe that her mother is the reason why her father no longer came around to see her. Now that she was out of the house. The social worker would be able to find her real father and they would be together sooner. The social worker told Georgia Anne that her stepfather had gotten out of jail several hours after she went into foster care, which got her worried. Anne MacArthur who was working with Georgia said that she would find her father. She also told anne to make sure that her mother and stepfather would not be allowed to see her while she was in foster care. Anne said that she was petitioning to have her mother's rights taken away from her. Georgia was happy about that. She was also told that there was a restraining order against her stepfather if he came anywhere near her. That made Georgia feel better knowing that her stepfather would not be able to come near her again. She didn't know though that she would be going right back into the abuse though when she was moved from foster home to foster home. The first foster home that she was placed at seemed normal. The foster parents had biological children of their own but had become foster parents last year. They seemed nice. Little did Georgia know what type of person the father was going to turn out to be.

Whenever Georgia meet with Anne while she was in the first foster home, she would constantly ask if she as able to get into contact with her biological father. Anne said that she had made contact with him and that he would be flying in from california to come see her soon. Georgia was excited about that. She would finally be able to see her father after 4 years of not being able to see him. When her father was told what had happened to her and why she was in foster care, he wanted to kill her stepfather for hurting his little girl.

The social worker told her father that his home had to be checked out before the visitation could even be considered.

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