Doctor Who-The darkness Part 1

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Please be nice :3 I am a big Doctor who fan and decided to make my own script!

Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012



Doctor Who

The Darkness Part 1

Written by Rebecca Davis


(It all started in a world unknown, a group of scientist looked out off the window unsure what this place was, or how they got here. Everything looked, 'dead')


Man1: Where are we? (The man gave one look then turned his head to the four other scientist!)

Woman2: I don't know!


(One of the scientist looked at the clock on the machine giving a strange look)


Man2: Look at this! (He say's pointing at the clock!)


(The other's turns and look at it for  10 seconds until one spoke)


Woman2: Why does it say's 24th December 2050? (She say's in a confused voice)

Woman1: Something not right here! (The woman slowly turn round to the front door, while everyone was paying attention to the clock) Guys what that? (She points to the door terrified, everyone quickly turn round!)

Man1: What...Is...That?!.... (He tries to say. But unable to  speak)


(Meanwhile, a black dark shadow quickly creeped through the door. The last thing what happened was the painful scream of the four scientist. But nobody there to help, or safe them. The shadow then quickly disappeared into space, slowly heading toward earth!)


Beginning Credits


(Meanwhile, in the present day!)


The Doctor: Where do you want to go today?! You're treat! (He say's in a cheerful happy voice, doing a quick dance round the Tardis)

Clara: (Looked up from her book!) Somewhere normal for once? Like maybe, a library, or a museum?! (Roll her eyes quickly looking down at her book again, Clara enjoyed being with the doctor. But she didn't understand the type of things he liked, or understood his job. Well the doctor himself confused her!)T

The Doctor: (Sigh and quickly stop bouncing around and quickly stand in front of Clara few inches away!) Stop being a spoilt spot and have some fun for once! (Quickly look at the book and stand up straight quickly!) What's you reading? (Say's in a childish bored voice)

Clara: (Look up to the doctor) You normally don't pay attention to what I read and who said I don't have fun?!


(The doctor was about  to speak. But quickly shut up, knowing he was going bit over the top. He sigh and the Tardis quickly started moving, what got the doctor and Clara attention!)


Clara: What is wrong now?! (She sigh putting her book in one arm quickly standing up, while watching the doctor who's trying to see what the matter) I asked you a question, what's wrong no...

The Doctor: (Interrupting Clara rudely) Shut up! (Paying attention to the screen)

(Clara rolled her eyes, not saying anymore. She hated it when the doctor sometimes acted like a child, not a normal grown up man. Even through she knew he wasn't human and was over 600 years old!)

The Doctor: (Sigh) I'm sorry (Quickly gave a long stretch and the Tardis quickly stopped!) We're here, wherever is here! (He chuckled as if he said something funny)


(The Doctor slowly walked out off the Tardis, with Clara following behind)


River Song: Well, well, well, look who we have here! (Give a small smirk to the doctor standing a feet away from him!)

The Doctor: River! (Giving the biggest grin, please to see her!) Where are we?! (Quickly going back to the real world)

Clara: (Cough loudly) May I ask what's going on here? And who is this, woman? (Stare at River Song in confused!)

River Song: (Say's to the doctor) See you moved on fast!  (Smirk lightly)

The Doctor: You know me, I am such a lady man. All the girls want me! (Smirk back cheekily, flexing his arms making out he had muscles!)


(Clara gave out a loud cough and laugh, which gotten the doctor and River Song attention. The doctor gave her a quick stare and quickly turned back to River Song)


The Doctor: Soooo, where are we? (He looked round while talking)

River Song: Nowhere

The Doctor: (Quickly turn back to River Song) What do you mean nowhere? It look like something

River Song: I mean is, nobody knows what this place is. It look just like home. But, let just say it a different story when it dark!


(The doctor nodded, Clara just listened in the background more confused then ever, as if the doctor and River Song was talking in another language!)


Clara: I'm not trying to rudely interrupt everyone chit chat here. But what is going on here?! (Glare at the doctor waiting for an answer!)


(The Doctor quickly turned toward Clara and was about to explain everything, until a loud sharp noise started going off. It lasted for 30 seconds. The Doctor, River Song and  Clara all covered their ears. After the weird sound stopped. The Doctor and Clara quickly turned to River Song!)


River Song: It going to start getting dark soon, we gotta hurry before 'they' come out! (River Song started walking away quickly from The Doctor and Clara!)


(The Doctor and Clara quickly stared at each other for a second, then quickly hurried up to River Song following her in silence. Until they arrived outside a old abonded building. Nobody said one word!)


River Song: Welcome home darling! (She say's opening the double door and standing in there was The Doctor Tardis)

The Doctor: (Run up the stairs quickly and quickly gave the biggest grin) Oh River, I could  kiss you right now!

River Song: (Chuckle lightly) Slow down cowboy. I know we're married. But I don't think you're new girl would like that!


(The Doctor and Clara quickly followed River Song behind inside the building. The Doctor looked round the Tardis and was about to open it. But couldn't, it was locked for some reason!)


River Song: Oh yeah, about that. The door will stay locked while they are about! (Rubbed the back off her neck watching The Doctor)

The Doctor:  (Quickly turns to River Song) What do you mean 'they'?

Clara: What about that?! (Pointing at the Tardis, what was quickly turning black. Slowly moving toward The Doctor, River Song and Clara!)

River Song: (Turn to The Doctor) What do we do Doctor?!

The Doctor: Run!


(Before he said anymore he quickly ran out off the building. Trying to pull out his screwdriver. River Song and Clara behind him!)


River Song: That don't work Doctor! (Say's out off breath!)

The Doctor: Well it have to work! (Trying to use the screwdriver. But nothing happens!)

Clara: (Stops quickly!) Doctor, they going away!


(River Song  quickly stopped and The Doctor stopped running 5 seconds later after realising what Clara said, being out off breath)


The Doctor: (Being out off breath) Remindes me to think of another plan then run next time (Quicky bent over trying to catch his breath again)

Clara: (Look at The Doctor) I never knew you could run like that! (Chuckle lightly)

River Song: You don't know The doctor like I do!


(After The Doctor got his breath back again, he walks up to River Song!)


The Doctor: (Say's in a seriouse voice, wanting answer now!) River Song, what is going on?! What was that thing chasing after us?!

River Song: (Sigh) They come out at night, they kill who or what goes near them! Nobody knows how they came here...


(River Song quickly stopped talking and stared at The Doctor for a second, then turned to Carla and then back to The Doctor once more!)


River Song: I wanna show you both something, It might be due with the things coming here the first place


(River Song quickly started walking back to the old building, The Doctor and Clara followed behind. Once arrived back, The Doctor  notices the Tardis door was opened, he looked confused then slowly walked in with River Song and Clara following behind. The Doctor was about to speak. But quickly the Tardis started moving once again!)


The Doctor: What now?! (Looking at the screen)


(The Tardis quickly stopped, The Doctor slowly opened the door and quickly walked out)


The Doctor: We're on a ship! (Quickly giving a big grin and look to River Song and Clara) We're on a ship!

Clara: You said that already and I think we can tell that! (Look round slowly)


(River Song slowly walked round, then she notices one thing, the clock on the spaceship. She notices it was broken. But something different about it!)


River Song: Doctor, you should come see this!

The Doctor: (Go to River Song) What is it?

River Song: Look at the date, it say's 24th December 2050

The Doctor: (Look at what River Song was looking at and quickly gave a big grin) We're on a time ship! That brilliant! (Start doing a weird dance like a child and quickly stopped)

Clara: (Carry on looking round, hoping to find something) And what is a time ship?

The Doctor: It's like the Tardis. But it an actuel ship. There must been someone or something controlling this ship. But looked like it broked down...

River Song: (Quickly interuppted The Doctor) Do you think it was them controlling the ship? they might been trying to head to earth. But broked down half way there!

The Doctor: (Quickly turn to River Song and grinned proudly) Oh, I love you're mind! But they can't control the ship. Something or someone else must had!


(The Doctor started walking up and down getting impationed, wanting answer now. Even through he knew that wouldn't happen)


Clara: Doctor, come and see this! (Looking in a room)


(The Doctor quickly go to Clara and look in the room and in the room shows 4 naked skeletons. The Doctor frowned lightly. Clara sigh and moved away watching The Doctor and then River Song!)


River Song: What is it?! (Say's confused!) Doctor what wrong?

The Doctor: (Turn round to River Song) I have a felling we're not alone here

Clara: (Say's to The Doctor bit annoyed since all she wanted was a peaceful day) What do you mean we're not alone?!


(The doors quickly opened what gotten their attention. The Doctor didn't had time to answer, marching in quickly was two Cybermen and following behind an old man in a wheelchair!)


The  Doctor: What's going on?! Who are you?! (Say's to the man in the wheelchair)

 Doctor Harrison: I'm Doctor Harrison, but you can call me Doctor since that sounds like a good catch! (Quickly glare at The Doctor!) Right Doctor?! (Smirk evily to him then to River Song and Clara!)

Clara: What are these things?! (Stare at the Cybermen)

The Doctor: They are Cybermen, they use to be human

Clara: (Quickly turn to The Doctor) What do you mean use to be?!


(Before The Doctor spoked one of the Cyberman quickly grabbed Clara and the other Cyberman quickly grabbed River Song!)


The Doctor: Let them go!

Doctor Harrison: Do what he say's! (He say's to the Cybermen, they did what The Doctor said!) you properly confused right now, the dark shadows and the Cybermen. I can hear the screaming in you're head. You want answer and now! (Smirk lightly to The Doctor) They coming Doctor, you can't hide forever you know?! They come for the one's who show's fear!


(The Doctor didn't say anything, he started to breath deep, he knew he had to be brave. But deep down he knew Doctor Harrison was right. But didn't show it)


The Doctor: What do you want?!

Doctor Harrison: I think you know what I want! (Smirk)


(The Doctor glare at Doctor Harrison and then notices the Tardis from the corner of his eyes)


Doctor Harrison: You got a choice, it you're Tardis, or as I been hearing the two most important women in you're life! (Say's to the Cybermen!) Grab them both!


(The Doctor tried and stop the Cybermen. But they were too powerful for him, The Doctor watched River Song and Clara being carried off. With Doctor Harrison in The Doctor way!)


Doctor Harrison: Think about it why won't you?! I am not going anywhere just yet! (Chuckled and started following the Cybermen getting further away from The Doctor)

The Doctor: Wait!

Doctor Harrison: (Stops and slowly turn round and Face The Doctor, grinning lightly) Already made up you're mind?

The Doctor: Why don't I take you back with us?! You can build a new spaceship to travel in, just stop with the hurting and the suffering!

Doctor Harrison: This ship been broken for many many years, it's time for a new ship. But why would I wanna go with you?

The Doctor: Because maybe I can help you!

Doctor Harrison: (Slowly turn around and going off once more) Goodbye for now Doctor, I have much better things to do then talk to you!


(The Doctor watched Doctor Harrison dissapiered. He knew he had to save River Song and Clara!)


(Meanwhile, Clara and River Song was locked up in a room)


Clara: All I wanted was a peaceful day, not be taken by Cybermen and being chased by weird shadows what trying to kill us! (Mumbling angrily to herself. But knew River Song heard her)

River Song: The Doctor will save us, he always have a plan!

Clara: (Turn to River Song) Who are you to The Doctor? Why didn't he mention you before?

River Song: I'm The Doctor Wife. But it a compliacted story...


(Clara said no more, she knew it was best to keep her mouth shut. Her mind was mainly on home, hoping River Song was right about The Doctor saving them both!)


(The scene goes back to The Doctor, trying to think of a good plan on getting River Song and Clara out off there. But quickly stopped when heard a loud banging on the door, looking at it for a second until it made another bang. The Doctor slowly walked over to the door, getting ready to open it. Not ready what he was prepeared for!)


End Credit


To be continued!....

© Copyright 2017 Becks101. All rights reserved.

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