The dog who wished to be loved

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A sad story about a dog...!

The dog sat outside in the backyard,
Waiting for someone to give him food
It low his head in shame,
Thinking nobody loves him
The door fling open
And a man walk out angry
The dog try and ran in fear
But remebered he was tied up on the fench
The man kicked the dog and swore nasty words at him
The dog didn't understand why his owner hated him so much
Did he done something wrong when he was a pup!?
Or was he just misable and already fed up with him
Because he's turned old!?
The man walked back in leaving the dog out in the rain
The dog sat outside,
Without no food or water
Waiting for somebody to love him
But knew that day will never come!
Then the day he never expected to come,
People took him away from this cruel world
To a place he didn't understand
But he was loved there
And cared for
Until one day,
The day has come
Been lead to a room,
He didn't understand what was going on
But followed the human anyway
He walked in confused
But didn't come out
The last thing he held before he passed
'I'm sorry boy it ended this way'....


Submitted: February 14, 2012

© Copyright 2020 Becks101. All rights reserved.

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Carolina Miller

I like the message behind your story but you should try revising it.

Thu, February 22nd, 2018 12:57am

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