Love in the garden

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Love story of a servant

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014



This story is about a poor servant Riku and his love Arohi. Riku (21), thin, lean, a very poor guy who works as a servant at Mr. Led's house. Mr. Led is a rich businessman. He lost his wife in a car accident and fortunately his daughter (Hidimb) was saved. Hidimb (18), a very arrogant, proud and a selfish girl. She studies at high school and has only male friends. Girls hate her for her attitude, bitchy nature but boys like her because of her money.

Mr. Led after losing his wife, use to fulfill his sexual desires with his cook (Bimla). Bimla, a very ugly looking lady but she prepares delicious food. When nobody use to be at home, Mr. Led use to go to the kitchen and catches Bimla from back, kisses her neck, takes her in his arms and moves to his bedroom. Bimla stinks a lot, so Mr. Led sprays deodorant in Bimla's body and does sex. 

Riku stays at the servant cottage of Led's house. He has a best friend (Naveen). Naveen almost the age of Riku works at a car garage. Riku even wished to work with him at the garage but he is bound to work at Led's house. Riku's father had taken a loan of 1 lakh bucks from Mr. Led but was unable to pay it. So. Mr. Led brought Riku home and kept him as a servant. Riku was about 10 years when Mr. Led brought him home. He doesn't get any salary, he only gets two times food.

Riku loves a girl named Arohi. Arohi (18), a very simple, shy girl. She works as a gardener at Mr. Led's house. Arohi lives at a nearby slum and she is the younger sister of Naveen. Naveen knows about his best friend's and sister's love. Riku's and Arohi's love story started in the garden area. It started as friendship and ended in love. 

As Riku use to get only 2 times food, he one day complained Naveen about this. And so Naveen asked Arohi to bring breakfast for Riku every day. Arohi use to bring breakfast for Riku and he use to eat it in the backyard. Like this, their friendship started.

It was Holi (festival of colors), everyone were enjoying the festival. Lots of guests were present at Mr. Led's house. Arohi was even present but not as a guest. She was there to help Riku and Bimla in attending guests. Guests were playing with colors, singing, dancing, they were drunk. In the meantime, Riku and Arohi also got some free time. They even played with colors, danced at the backyard where nobody was present. Riku even thought of trying whisky and stole one bottle of whisky. He forced Arohi to drink too. Both got drunk. 

After that, Arohi went to take bath to the pool and Riku followed her. Arohi undressed herself and took bath completely nude. Riku was peeping her through the mango trees. By seeing Arohi nude, Riku couldn't control his passion. He jumped to the pond and smooched Arohi. Arohi too was drunk, she hugged Riku, kissed him. Riku asked Arohi for sex and Arohi agreed to it. Both had sex under the mango tree. They fall asleep after sex. 

Arohi suddenly woke up by hearing the dog barking. She was shocked to see her and Riku lying nude. She left the place immediately. The next morning, she brought breakfast for Riku but was unable to face him. she kept the tiffin box in the backyard and said Bimla to let Riku know about the tiffin box. Bimla informed Riku about it, Riku opened the box and found a letter along with the food. In the letter, Arohi apologized everything about what had happened the day before. she wrote, they shouldn't have got drunk. They had committed a sin. And asked not to share this with his brother.

Riku after reading the letter went to Arohi. He even apologized and said that he won't share this with anyone. He said, there is nothing to feel guilty, we were drunk and what had happened was in a subconscious mind. Riku consoled her and said not to worry, her life is not spoiled. He will marry her and make her a part of his life. Arohi hugged Riku after listening this and from that day, love started between them.


Hidimb use to party with his male friends and stay at their homes during night. She uses to take alcohol and have sex with her friends. She was very obsessed about sex. She had a large collection of porn dvds. One day, nobody was at home except Hidimb and Riku. Hidimb was in her room watching a porn movie. She got aroused while watching movie. She couldn't control her and so went to Riku's room. Riku was sleeping in the ground. She seduced Riku, Riku was in deep sleep. Riku even hugged Hidimb thinking her Arohi. Hidimb undressed herself and Riku and slept on him. She smooched him and had sex with him. Riku was enjoying it thinking her as Arohi, as he was in sleep. 

In the meanwhile, Arohi entered the room. She saw Hidimb and Riku doing sex and ran away from there. She cried at her home and didn't came for work for the next 3 days. Riku was worried as why she is not coming. He met Naveen one evening and asked about Arohi. Naveen replied, she is not saying me anything. I noticed she is very upset for the last 3 days, not talking to anyone, not taking food on time. Did Mr. Led or Hidimb mam scold her? Riku replied, no, Mr. Led is out of town from last week and Arohi mam hardly stays at home. I think something else is bothering her.

Riku went to Arohi's house to met her. Arohi started crying seeing Riku. Riku asked, why are you crying dear? What happened please let me know. Arohi then said what she saw that day and shouted at Riku. She said, you broke my trust. I loved you and you betrayed me. You only need sex and so you slept with me knowingly. You gave me whisky so that I won't object. You played with me, my emotions, my feelings. I went that day to give you a surprise but you surprised me. I hate you. I hate you....

Riku by listening this, said no Arohi this is not possible. How can I think of any other woman? You are my love and Hidimb mam, how could I think of her. She is a characterless girl, she is a whore, she can do anything for sex. How could I choose her over you? Arohi said, then what I'm telling a lie. I saw you hugging her, smooching her, you were enjoying every moment. Riku then asked, but when and where? Believe me, I can never hurt you. You might have seen Hidimb mam and her friend at my room. Arohi said, why they will do sex at your room and not in her room? Riku said, she is very wild, for a new experience she might have chosen my room for sex. 

I need to say you something else. I was thinking of saying it to you before but was feeling very awkward to share. But now as such problems already created due to her, you should know everything about her, so that there will be no misunderstandings between us. Whenever I use to take tea to Hidimb mam's room, she uses to seduce me. She uses to pull my towel, make me nude and throw me at her bed. She jumps at me, plays with my body and tries to rape me. I use to lie and say your father is roaming outside and might enter anytime. After begging, she uses to release me. But before leaving me, she bites my lips. 

I once said Hidimb mam that this is not good what she is doing, please don't do that else I'll tell everyone. She said, don't ever think of it. I'll throw you out of job and see that nobody else gives you a job. I'll plant a false robbery case against you and put you behind the bars. I was really sacred of her and after that did whatever she asked me to do. But trust me, she never had sex with me. She uses to only play with my body, smooch me, bit me, ask me to dance nude. That's it. 

Arohi, I'm innocent, you have to trust me. Now I m not scared of her anymore. I'll oppose her if she does anything wrong with me again. Let her throw me out of her house, let her put me behind the bars. I'll face everything but I don't want to lose you. I love you, Arohi and he started crying. By seeing tears in Riku's eyes, Arohi's heart melted like ice. She hugged Riku and said, sorry baby for not trusting you. How could I think you wrong? You can never be wrong. How could I forget Hidimb mam's character? 

Bimla once said me, Hidimb mam once seduced her husband (Surtal) too and Surtal taught her a lesson. Surtal did sex with Hidimb mam and later blackmailed her that he had filmed the entire scene (which was a lie). He said Hidimb mam to pay 30,000 bucks else he will leak the video. And Hidimb mam had to pay him the money. Then Arohi said, sorry Riku, I love you and she smooched Riku. Riku hugged her tightly, Arohi pushed him and said, baby, don't hold me so tight. There is someone else with us. Riku asked who is with us? Arohi whispered in his ears, our baby dear. Riku shouted with excitement, what, are you sure? Arohi said, yes darling, I'm pregnant and gave a smile. 

They got married within a few days. Riku later blackmailed Hidimb that he has the sex video of her and Surtal's. He threatned her to leak the video unless she pays 1 lakh bucks. Hidimb paid 1 lakh bucks to Riku and Riku returned that money to Mr. Led. He said, sir, here is the money that my father had borrowed from you. I have paid your money and I'm leaving today. I'm no more your servant. One more thing, I have filmed your intimate scenes with Bimla. Pay me 1 lakh bucks else I'll leak the video. Mr. Led got scared and returned the 1 lakh bucks that he just now took from Riku. 

Riku along with Naveen started a small business with the money. Arohi delivered a baby girl. Her lips were very dark and so they named her "Blacklips". Mr. Led had a huge loss in business and he got mad. Hidimb went abroad and became a pornstar. Bimla and Surtal occupied Led's house and stayed over there. They opened a porn video shop in the garden area and guess what, they had the largest collection of Hidimb's sex videos.

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