Lover's lake

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Finally he found his love.

Submitted: February 14, 2014

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Submitted: February 14, 2014



The train stopped at the Kempipur platform, a group of young people alighted from train. They work for a NGO and they came to Kempipur for a social awareness programme. Among them, there was a guy named Riku, witty, smart, nature lover. He loves travelling, meeting new people, nature. The scenic beauty of Kempipur attracted Riku to come here. He wasn't selected by their NGo for this trip but he requested the project manager to let him come. He will be there to look after the team, their needs.. and so he was in.

After reaching they went to their camp and took rest but Riku along with his camera went to capture the beauty of Kempipur. He was completely fascinated by the place. He was busy capturing the birds chirping, peak of the pine trees, villagers climbing the hills.. that suddenly some sounds distracted him. It was the giggling of the women, who were washing their clothes near the Hidimb lake. Riku zoomed in his camera to take a snap and suddenly he stopped his camera in one angle. He saw someone sitting near by the lake and writing something. But Riku couldn't see her face. It was Arohi, the black beauty of the village and the only girl in the village who had completed her schooling. She belonged to a very poor family. Knowing of her interest to study, to learn, her parents allowed her to do her schooling but later she joined her mother in selling flowers near the temple. 


It was going to be evening, all the women returned to their homes. Riku went to the place where they were washing their clothes. From there, he could take the best snap of the sunset. He took some snaps and sat there to have some fresh air. He found a piece of paper in the ground. He picked it and it was a poem about the Hidimb lake written by Arohi. He simply loved it and kept it in his pocket. 

He returned back to the camp, took out the paper and again read the poem. He read it several times, he by hearted it. He was in love with the poem, love with the poet who was mysterious for him. The next day, he went to the village and inquired about the girl. The villagers avoided him as he was a stranger and was inquiring about a girl. He had to return from there and while returning, he bumped with a kid. Riku asked the kid about the girl and said him that he will give him chocolates if he will say about her. The kid was a bit scared, he didn't revealed her name but said that right now she will be at the temple. 

Riku went near to the temple and found around a dozen of girls but couldn't recognize the girl he was searching for. Meanwhile Arohi sold all her flowers and was sitting inside the temple with her friend Hidi. Hidi's father (Mr. Led) was a rich man, despite she was a school dropout. She was very week in studies and so left studies while she was in third standard. She does nothing except spending her father's money. Arohi knew that Hidi's father has good contacts. In the temple, Arohi gave some of her poems to Hidi and asked her if her father can help in getting those published. Then Arohi's mother called her for some reason and Arohi said Hidi to wait for her inside the temple and she will be back soon. 

Riku entered the temple and was searching for the mysterious girl. He saw Hidi sitting at a corner of the temple and she was holding a notebook. With much courage, he went to her and said 'Hi'. Hidi too replied back with Hello. Riku started a formal chatting with her and finally said why he was there and even expressed his love for the girl. By listening this, Hidi said that she is the mysterious girl whom Riku is searching for and handed her Arohi's notebook. Hidi was a very clever girl, she did this so as to stay with Riku and move with him to the city. She always dreamt of travelling to big cities but never had been there. Her father never allowed her and so she thought she can easily trap Riku and can leave this village with him. This was the intention behind her lie. 

Riku jumped in joy after knowing that Hidi is the girl he was searching for, whom he loves so much. She read some of the poems and smooched her. Hidi pushed her back as they were in the temple. And gave him a warm hug. Then they both left. 

A week was just left for Riku and his team to finish their programme and leave Kempipur. Riku was counting days and was very worried. He thought of making those 7 days the most memorable. Riku use to pick Hidi from her home and they both use to travel nearby areas, sit near the lake and chat. He even asks her to recite any of her poem but every time she refuses giving some reason. One day he said Hidi that he will be leaving in the next 2 days and Hidi said that she wants to leave with him. She wants to visit his city. Riku replied that he is not sure as he is with his team. He has to ask his seniors in his team. 

Hidi was tensed after listening this and she smooched Riku. She said that she loves him very much and can't live without him. Riku then said Hidi to marry her there and nobody can refuse her to come with him. Hidi refused and said that her father won't accept him as he is of a different caste. She then Riku to take her with him and both can marry after reaching the city. Riku found this plan good and agreed to it. 

They came to the camp, Riku introduced Hidi as her fiancee to his team and said that she will also leave Kempipur with them. They had lunch together and after that Riku went to drop Hidi at her home. On their way, it started raining, they both took shelter under a tree. Hidi got drenched in the rain and her dress was wet. Riku could notice her wet body and got aroused. He smooched Hidi, kissed her necks and approached her for sex. Hidi denied for sex. He said that they are supposed to get marry after 3 days, so there shouldn't be any problem. Hidi still refused but Riku convinced her. Both got undressed. Riku did sex with Hidi and suddenly Hidi pushed her and said to stop. She said to have sex after marriage and she left.

Then Riku came back to his camp and while returning he met Arohi. Arohi's leg was injured and she was waiting for any kind of help. Riku saw her injured leg and took her to his camp for medical treatment. He dressed her wound and asked her to stay that day. In the night, both had dinner, then Riku started formal chatting with her. Riku then said that he came here for a programme but he found his true love. They shared their feelings, likes, dislikes... Riku found himself much comfortable with Arohi. They were very compatible. After sometime, both went to sleep.

Riku was lying in his bed. He was thinking of Hidi but Arohi's face was coming in between. He couldn't understand why this is happening. He couldn't sleep and started reciting one of the Arohi's poem. While reciting, he forgot some words and again started the poem from the beginning but again forgot in the middle stanza. He was trying to recall the words and suddenly he heard someone reciting the remaining part of the stanza. He came outside and found it was Arohi. He was surprised and asked her from where she heard this poem? Arohi then said this question she is supposed to ask him, from where he heard this poem? 
Riku went inside and brought the notebook that Hidi gave her. Arohi after seeing her notebook was surprised. She asked him from where he got this notebook. Has Mr. Led gave him to publish those? Riku was confused and asked Arohi about the notebook. Arohi replied that this is her notebook and said everything. 

Riku was disheartened. He was very angry with Hidi as why she cheated him? He didn't said anything about this to Arohi and said her to take rest. And he immediately went to Hidi's house to ask why she did this. He reached Hidi's home and found that her main door is opened. He went inside her house and found even her bedroom door was open but she wasn't there. He was anxious to know where she left at this time, it's around night 1 o' clock. He went to her backyard and could see a dim light burning in a room. He went there, it was a stable. He was shocked what he saw. He saw Hidi doing sex with another girl. He was shocked, she is a lesbian. And he recalled the earlier incidents. Hidi uses to push Riku when Riku smooches her, kisses her and while their sex. He ran away from there. 

He came to the camp and found Arohi still awake. He went to her and said that how much he loves her poems. He was madly searching for her. Arohi smiled and asked him that why he was searching for her. Riku replied that he loved her poems and even loves the poet. And he then proposed Arohi. Arohi gave a sweet smile and accepted her proposal. She said that nobody ever appreciated her poems and he is the first who appreciated it. She hugged Riku and thanked her. Riku smooched her and asked her to marry him right there. Arohi was surprised, she never thought somebody will come like a prince for her and propose him like this. She said yes and both got married same night near the Hidimb lake, where Riku first saw Arohi. And they had their sex over there too. Now that place is called as the "Lover's lake".

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