Newspaper delivery guy delivered his love

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A newspaper delivery guy's love story

Submitted: February 10, 2014

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Submitted: February 10, 2014



It was a sunny morning and the door bell rang. It was Riku, the local newspaper delivery guy. He is tall, thin and quite introvert. Arohi, a middle aged lady, opened the door and received the newspaper. She is a married, dusky and a loud lady. Her husband left her after 6 months of their marraige as he was having an affair with Arohi's sister. Arohi lives with her in-laws (Mr. Umer, father-in-law and Rehaan, brother-in-law). She lost her mother-in-law 2 years back. Mr. Umer is a strange character, he spends most of the time with Tv, newspaper and talking to himself. Rehaan spends most of the time partying, chatting, facebooking and yes very much addicted towards porn movies. 

Every morning Riku use to deliver newspaper at Arohi's house and Arohi receives it from him. The only day they use to chat a few lines is the month end, and the only discussion use to be the monthly newspaper bill. Every month end she offers Riku a cup of tea and pays the monthly bill and after that Riku leaves. 


Now back to the story, the door bell rang and Arohi opened the door. It was the month end, Riku came to take the bill and Arohi invited her inside and asked to sit. She went to prepare tea and asked Riku to watch TV. Suddenly Arohi started shouting inside the kitchen and Riku ran inside to check what had happened. Arohi's dress had caught fire and Riku pulled Arohi towards him, undressed her so that the fire doesn't catches her body. Now Arohi is half nude and she fainted. Riku couldn't understand what to do and he gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so that Arohi could breathe. After a while, Arohi gained consciousness. She was very afraid and hugged Riku very tightly. Later she realized that she is half nude and is in the arms of another man. 

She stood up, wrapped her dress and ran away from there. Riku too was speechless, he even couldn't ask for the bill and left empty handed. That day changed the life of Riku. He was out of world. The only thing he could remember was the beauty of Arohi, her nude body and the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Everywhere he could see was only Arohi. At his work place, canteen, gym. He didn't knew what was happening, what was that feeling, why Arohi's face is coming, why he is imagining her everywhere. In the night, he dreamt the entire morning incident and pulled the pillow towards him and started smooching it. Suddenly he woke up and found himself doing these nonsense with the pillow. He paused, smiled at himself and realized that he is in love with Arohi. He shouted loudly at his bed "I love you Arohi" and kissed the pillow. He was completely mad about her. He wrote Arohi on the pillow and hold it tightly and got back to sleep.

Next morning, he went to Arohi's house to deliver the newspaper. He ranged the door bell but nobody came. He got very anxious and after continuous try, somebody opened the door. It was Mr. Umer, Riku was desperate to see a glance of Arohi but unfortunately couldn't. Mr. Umer took the newspaper and shut the door. The next day the same thing happened, the day after also same. Riku was very upset and took a day leave from office and came to his house. He locked himself inside the bathroom and started crying loudly sitting under the shower. He didn't came out of the room that day, didn't ate anything, not talked to anyone, didn't answered any calls and even his team leader's call too. The next day his colleague (Surtal) came to Riku's house to check if everything is alright or not. 

Riku didn't opened the door and Surtal was scared. He broke the window and entered his house. He was shocked as he found Riku lying in the floor, and was senseless. Surtal took him to the hospital and the doctor said, Riku tried to kill himself, he has taken over dose of sleeping pills. He was kept under observation and after a while doctor said he is out of danger. Surtal scolded him a lot of why he did this, what was the problem, he could have shared blah blah...Riku didn't said anything and started crying, after console he said everything. Surtal said, you are in love and that's the greatest happiness and you tried to kill yourself. You fool, first go and propose her and see her reaction. I'm quite sure, she will never say a 'no' to you. Finally there was a smile on Riku's face.

A week passed by, Riku joined the office and with much courage went to Arohi's house and this time, Arohi opened the door. Riku was so happy to see her, he said her, 'how are you mam' with a very low voice. Arohi replied, I'm fine, please come inside. They both sat in the sofa for around 10 minutes and nobody spoke a word. Riku then said, mam I need to leave, here is the newspaper. And please forget about that day, it was just an accident. I'm happy to see you well and fine. Arohi said, thank you for everything. You saved my life that day but I couldn't say 'thank you' at that time. I was not in the condition. I was very sacred after the fire mishap and above all I was half nude in front of you. I was in your arms, nude and in a mout-to-mouth position. It was very awkward to be in such a position with a stranger. Then Riku said, I'm not stranger, we can be good friends, if you wish. Arohi didn't replied anything, and gave the last month's newspaper bill to him and asked him to leave. Riku refused to take the bill and said, I have paid it for you. Arohi said, it's not done, you have to take the money and insisted him to take the money. Riku took the money and left.

The next day, Riku came to Arohi's house to deliver the newspaper but found a lock outside the main gate. He enquired in the neighbor and came to know that Arohi's family were out of town for a marriage and they will be back after a week. Riku was very depressed, he couldn't sleep that night. The next day he again went to Arohi's colony and asked her neighbors, where they have gone exactly. Her neighbor said, they have gone to Kempipur, a small village situated 180 kms east. On the very moment, Riku decided that he will visit Kempipur. He applied a week leave from his office and headed towards Kempipur.

Riku reached Kempipur at night 9:30. It's a very small tribal village situated in the banks of river Hidimb. River Hidimb, a saline water river famous for it's scenic view and fish cultivation. The villagers of Kempipur makes their earning by catching fishes and selling local handmade products made up of wood, clay. When Riku reached, it was complete dark, he couldn't find any place to take shelter and so went to the village temple. He took rest over there but had to wake up at morning 4 as the priest came to worship. He came outside the temple and found a tea stall. He had a cup of tea and lit a cigarette. The shopkeeper was a thin, dark guy, aged around 22. His name was Naveen. Naveen started conversation with him, "brother where are you from, why you came here, where are you supposed to stay" etc etc. Riku created a false story. He replied, I'm here to meet a friend of mine, I've some official work with him and my friend is here for a marriage. I'm new to this place, I reached here very late and I've no idea where to stay. Is there any hotel or lodge? Naveen said, no, it's a very small village. We don't have any hotel. Why don't you stay at your friend's place. Riku said, it's not possible, he is here for a marriage and I'm not invited. Naveen said, there is a marriage tomorrow at our village and I'm sure this is the same marriage you are talking about. I know them, I'm also invited. The groom is my friend. You can stay at my house and can come with me to the marriage as my guest. And there you can meet your friend. But there is a deal, if any day I'll go to your city, you will invite me to stay at your house and show me your city. Riku smiled and said yes, you are always welcome. Naveen then said, so now we are friends and they both shake hands. 

Naveen closed the shop early that day and took Riku with him to show the village. They both had a great time fishing, diving in the river, climbing mountain, visiting local shops. Riku was very happy with the kind of attention he was getting from Naveen. They both became very good friends. In the afternoon, Naveen showed Riku his girlfriend (Hidi), who was sitting in her veranda and doing some personal work. He said we both are in deep love and Hidi trusts me a lot, so she lost her virginity to me last month. We are planning to marry as soon as possible before she gets the baby bump. Her family won't accept me as their groom, so we have planned to ran away to a neighbor temple and get married over there. Riku was very excited to hear Naveen's love story and thought he might understand my problem. He might help me too as I know his secrets. But again he thought, I've lied him, I planted a false story and said him. He allowed me to stay at his house and even shared his deep secrets. What will he think about me, I'm a liar, a traitor.

It was around 5:30, both were sitting in the river bank and enjoying the sunset. Riku thought of telling the real story to Naveen but he couldn't. He was very afraid, what will be Naveen's reaction....Then something came to Riku's mind, he thought of having whisky in the night with Naveen and after having 3 pegs, he will tell everything to Naveen. Riku said, Naveen, I'm having a bottle of English whisky, let's have a party tonight. Naveen said that's great, who can say a no to English whisky.

At night, Naveen prepared chicken for dinner and after cooking they started their drink. Naveen said, I'm very thankful to you, I've never tasted before any english whisky. Here in our village, we only have some local alcohol and those are very bitter in taste. This one has a smooth taste, love you brother and hugged Riku. After taking 2-3 pegs, Riku with a lot of courage said, I need to confess something. Naveen was surprised and said, you need to confess, I don't think you have done any mistake. Riku said, I lied you and told him the real story. Riku apologized Naveen and said, you can ask me to leave now, I'll leave without any complaint. You are a nice guy so thought of telling you the real story. Naveen paused for a while and said, I'm really happy that you considered me as a good human/friend and so confessed everything. I'm not at all angry as you said me everything without thinking how I may react, what I'll do with you. I trusted you and shared my secrets and so you did, you are a true friend. Arohi is elder to you and also married but you still love her so much. You are doing so much for her, you are here after her. I respect you Riku, I'm with you and I'll help you in getting your love. Cheers to our friendship and love and they finished their last peg.

The next morning, Riku woke up early and dressed himself well as he was going to meet Arohi at the marriage ceremony. Riku and Naveen reached the venue on time. Naveen introduced Riku to his other friends, to the groom and as well as his girlfriend (Hidi). Naveen and Hidi had a whispering chat for around 10 mins. Then Naveen with his friends and Riku, helped in decoration, attending guests etc. Riku was desperate to have a glance of Arohi but he couldn't find her. He said Naveen, that it's too long and he is desperate to see Arohi. Naveen said, don't worry, I'll do something. He called Hidi and said everything and requested him to call Arohi outside, without anyone's notice. Hidi did the same, she along with Arohi came to the backyard. Riku and Naveen both were present before. Arohi was shocked to see Riku, she tried to escape from there. Riku shouted please Arohi stop, don't do that to me. I'm here after you only, can't you just give me 5 mins? Just talk to me for 5 mins and then you can leave, else I won't go. Meanwhile as nobody else was there, Hidi jumped to Naveen's arm and both kissed each other. Naveen said Riku, you can go near that Banyan tree and chat, we are sitting here. Riku and Arohi went there and sat under the Banyan tree. 

They don't spoke anything for around 5 mins. Arohi then said, I'm leaving, it's already 5 mins and my family might be searching me. Riku then said, Arohi wait, you look beautiful in this yellow dress. Arohi paused and smiled, she said thank you, nobody ever said me before this. Then she started, why are you here? How come you came to know I'm here? Riku replied, I came to know about you from your neighbor and I'm here for you only. After that incident, I can't forget you. I see you everywhere. I feel very bad when I don't see you. I think I I I am in love with you. Arohi said, it's not possible, don't you know about me? I'm already married, I'm elder to you. How could you think of such things? Just take out this crap from your head and leave this place as soon as possible. Riku then said, Arohi I can't live without you. I know you are married but your husband left you. He is with someone else, if he doesn't bother about you then why are you bothering about him? You too have the right to live happily, to be with someone, to make love. Arohi didn't said anything and moved from there. Riku followed her and shouted, Arohi please stop, tell me your answers to my questions. She still didn't replied anything. 

By seeing this, Naveen shouted, Arohi please stop. Do you know why he is here? How much he loves you? How depressed he is? He tried to kill himself. Arohi suddenly stopped and looked back shockingly. She then said, what? but why? why you did this? why don't you understand?....Please don't do such things and she started crying. Riku couldn't see Arohi crying, he ran towards her and wiped her tears. He said, Arohi please don't cry. I want to see smile in your face not tears. I wan't to see you happy. Your neighbor told me everything about you, you are not happy at all. You are not happy at your in-laws house. They are torturing you, you are working for them day and night as their servant. Your parents are also not accepting you. Why to led such a life? I love you and I will keep you happy the rest of your life. No need to work for them, no need to live there. I want to marry you and I promise I'll never hurt you. Arohi with a deep voice said, it's not possible Riku. I'm bound to live there, I have no other option. What will the society think, what will my parents think, in-laws think. Riku said, when your husband left you, nobody even cared about you. Why are you worried? Nothing will happen, I'm with you, I'll handle everything. Arohi said, Riku I've to leave now, it's too late. You too please leave this place and she left. Riku even started crying after she left. Naveen said, hey brother don't worry, everything will be alright. We will do something, please now you stop crying.

It was evening 7, the marriage ceremony already started. Everyone were busy in the marriage. Arohi's brother-in-law Rehaan was having drinks with his friends in the backyard. Rehaan asked Arohi to bring a bottle of water. Arohi went to give the bottle. The backyard was completely dark, only a small light was burning at the place where Rehaan and his friends were having drinks. Arohi gave the bottle and asked Rehaan if anything else they needs. Meanwhile Rehaan's friend were checking out Arohi. They were drunk and couldn't control their lust. They pulled Arohi towards them, tore her dress, undressed her. Arohi tried to shout but nobody could hear her voice. One of them tied Arohi in a rope. She asked Rehaan for help, Rehaan laughed at her and said, you are all mine today. First it's my turn and then my friends will have all the pleasure. They forced Arohi to drink whisky, sprinkled whisky on her body. Rehaan smooched Arohi and allowed his friends to do so. They molested her, abused her. She was helpless, begging them to leave her.

Here Riku was worried about Arohi. He was unable to find her in the ceremony. He thought Arohi might be upset for today's incident and so didn't want to join the marriage. He called Naveen and said we need to find Arohi, I think she is avoiding me and so is not present in the marriage. She came here for a marriage and for me only she is unable to attend the ceremony. I'll tell her sorry and leave now, she needs to attend the marriage. They went inside the house but couldn't find her. Riku's anxiousness increased, they were searching her here and there but unable to have a clue about her. Then Naveen said, lets go to the backyard and check.

They were shocked what they saw. Rehaan was trying to rape Arohi and his friends were playing with her body. Riku shouted at them and ran towards them. Naveen followed him. Both pushed Rehaan and his friends. Arohi was crying loudly, Riku released her and covered her with her dress. Naveen found a piece of log and started beating Rehaan and his friends. Riku broke the bottle and attacked them with that. They were all severely injured and asked to forgive. Naveen said Riku, you take her inside and I'll take care of these bastards. Riku took Arohi in his arms and took her inside the house. Arohi hugged Riku, kissed him and thanked him. She hugged her very tight and continued crying. Riku was consoling her, don't cry dear, I'm with you. Think it was a dream and forget it, I won't say about this to anyone. 

Arohi's father-in-law Mr. Umer was entering the house and saw both of them in this posture. Arohi was undressed and both were hugging each other. He shouted at Arohi and said, Arohi what is this? Why you are undressed and hugging this newspaper guy. You bitch, you whore, you are doing such things behind us. Do you love this guy, why is he here? Then Arohi said, please don't say such things. He saved my life, Rehaan and his friends were trying to rape me and he saved me. Mr. Umer said, first of all why he is here? Is he here for marriage or you? If Rehaan and his friends want to make love with you, what's the problem in that. My elder son left you and Rehaan has full right to do anything with you. They are drunk and if they are in need of some pleasure, who are you to say no. Just go and join them. Let them fulfill their sexual desire.

Arohi was blank by hearing such words from his father-in-law. She said, how could you say such things and bursted into tears. Riku can't tolerate this anymore, he slapped Mr. Umer and said go and help your son. He is bleeding and go soon or my friend will kill him. Mr. Umer was scared and ran to the backyard and found Rehaan and his friends lying senseless. Naveen was standing there and he said Mr. Umer, leave this place right now with these bastards else we will kill you. 

Naveen rushed inside to check if everything is alright or not. He then said Riku, you now leave now with Arohi. I'll take care of here and don't worry nothing will happen. They can't harm you anymore. Riku said, I won't leave unless Arohi agrees. If she is rejecting my love, I've no issues. But I won't let her to go back to her in-laws house. Then Naveen said Arohi, don't think anything, simply go with him. He loves you very much and please don't break my friend's heart. Arohi was still standing like a statue. Naveen said Riku, Riku you please leave now, she doesn't has any feelings. I'll drop her at a nearest police station and she may go wherever she wants. Riku then asked Arohi, shall I leave? I won't meet you, won't bother you anymore. Shall I leave forever? Arohi after a pause replied, won't you take me with you? I want to go with you, want to spend my rest of my life with you. Riku I love you. By hearing this, Riku jumped in happiness. There was a spark in his face, he pulled Arohi towards him and smooched her. 

They waved goodbye to Naveen and Hidi and left Kempipur. They returned by train and it was a private cabin. In the cabin, Arohi once again proposed Riku, thanked him for everything. Riku said, I want to marry you as soon as we reach home. Arohi said sure, I'll love to marry you. I'm all yours, you can do anything you want. Riku paused for a while and said "anything". Arohi said, Hidi trusts a lot Naveen and lost her virginity to him. I'm not a virgin, my husband fucked me in our fortnight. Would you lose your virginity to me? Arohi smiled and undressed herself. Riku too undressed himself and jumped on her. Even the train's noise couldn't disturb them, they had sex all night. Arohi whispered in Riku's ear, I finally found my love, you are the one who came to fill my loneliness, my desire, you gave me the ultimate pleasure. 

The next dad at Riku's house around 1 pm and got married in the evening. Some says, love is friendship, some says love is sacrifice, love is lust, love is happiness, love is life, love is blind. Love is simply love. What do you say?

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