A Trip To Hell

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A teenager goes camping in the woods. He thinks nothing would happen to him...

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Submitted: December 07, 2012



A Trip To Hell

It was early summer, I just finished school and decided to go camp in the woods. I packed everything I needed --a lot of food and water, matches, compass, and a knife-- and went to the car.The car was full, the gas was also full, so I went on my long trip to the woods.It was an eight hour drive. I passed farms, towns, cities, and fields, and finally reached the woods. Half of my gas was empty, and there was no gas station in the woods. I decided to go a different way home to fill my car again.

I entered the woods with my car and parked it near me. I set up my tent, and went looking for woods. The place was gorgeous, and huge, no one was to bother me. The birds were singing, and I was happy in the woods, I was finally able to relax. I gathered woods for the fire, and went back to the camp. I sat in the sunny part of my camp, and just looked around and enjoyed the sounds. The scrawls were jumping from tree to tree, there were no bears, lions, or anything dangerous. Day after day I went to gather woods, and came back to enjoy the time being alone, far from the real world.

I was happy being alone, I had the whole forest for myself, I could do whatever I want. I could run around yelling, or just climb a tree, and observe the woods. I was free of worries. I was enjoying the time of beauty and magic. I felt like it meant to be that way, I didn't have to live in the real world, I could just stay here. The sun was always shining, there was no problems in that magical place, or at least I thought.

One day when I went exploring the woods with my backpack. I saw the waterfall, the huge trees, the animals, and I breathed fresh air. After a while I noticed I was passing the same waterfall four times already, I knew I was lost. I reached into my backpack to look for the compass, but it wasn't there, I remembered I left it in the tent. I was looking for footprints of mine, but the leaves covered them. I knew I was lost, I had little amount of water and food with me. I was walking in circles over and over, until I reached a house in the middle of the forest.

I was happy and relieved when I saw the life saving house. The --brown, beautiful, tall, wooden-- house was surrounded by a long, tall fence with a small gate. As I was approaching the house, I saw the big window, the door, and the curtains were all white with red stains. I didn't know what it was, I thought it meant to be that way. I got near the house, and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so I knocked again. No answer. On the third knock the door opened with a squeak, and there they were. I was terrified, wanting to run away, I saw two half eaten people laying on the wooden floor in a pool of red blood. I got out my knife and went into the house. The house was half empty, there were no furniture, no light, and no place to keep food.

I knew I couldn't leave the dead bodies just laying there. I dragged them outside, dug a hole in the ground and buried them. It was getting dark outside and I was still lost. I decided to stay in the house overnight, knowing whoever killed them wouldn't come back because he knew no one was there anymore. Most of the night I couldn't sleep, I thought that someone or something is coming after me. I saw figures in the deep black night, I heard voices in my head, not any voices, but screaming. I was on guard with my knife most of the night fearing that my hallucinations were real. When one figure appeared out of no where, I run towards it and hit it with my knife, I felt like I hit something hard, and broke it. I looked closely, and it was the wall, now it had a hole in it and something was inside. I decided to wait until morning to open up the wall.

The sun finally rose, the birds were singing again, not knowing what has happened inside the house. I went to the wall and looked inside.I saw the most dreadful, scary, and disturbing thing.I saw a skeleton of a person, worms were crawling all over it inside the holes of the eyes, and on the outside. I ran as fast as I could and as far as I could from the house. I was on my way again, I ran and didn't look back at the house, I decided it was cursed. While I was running I heard the voices in my head, but that time they were calm and whispering "help us!". What ever I did, I couldn't get them out, nor forget about the house.

Almost all my food and water was gone by the time I reached the waterfall. I thought I would never get home safe,not the camp in the middle of the cursed forest. I drank from the water of the waterfall, and I saw my life savior, the most red and delicious strawberries. I stayed near the waterfall for most of the day, eating and drinking. I even fell a sleep without hearing the voices again.I was awaken to the loudest scream I ever heard, it was coming not to far from me.

I looked around, listening to the sound and deciding what direction it was coming from. It was coming from behind the waterfall. I jumped up and started running towards the sound. As i was getting closer, the sound was getting louder and louder, and then stopped. I didn't knew if I should head back to the water fall or go toward the lost sound. I decided not to turn back, there might be a person needing help. As I was approaching I was yelling "Is anyone there?" over and over, but there was no answer.

When I got to the place, I saw the two people from the house laying in the grass, one of them had his head cut off. I looked around, and I saw something moving with in the trees. As I got closer, I looked down, and I saw brown fur laying in a pool of blood. Then I remembered someone telling me about the legend of the werewolf, the werewolf would eat anything it sees. I didn't believed them at first, but now I see what they meant.

By the time it was getting dark, I found my camp, my tent was ripped apart. I jumped into my car, and looked if anything was missing. Everything was there, I tried to start the car, and it worked. I heard something coming out of the woods, I locked the doors and got out my knife. As I was looking closely, I heard something behind me. As I was turning around slowly, I felt it breath and salivate on my shoulders. Then I heard a whine coming all around the car, I saw something run around me. It had four legs, brown fur, and it was fast. As I turned around I saw the --furry, brown, hungry-- wolf. I didn't had enough time to stab him with my knife, he opened his mouth, and I was laying dead in the car. No one knew I was even gone.

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