The Curse Of Money

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A poor person wins a lottery, and does not know what to do with the money.

Submitted: December 03, 2012

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Submitted: December 03, 2012



The Curse Of Money

I was living on the streets, didn't have a dollar in my pocket. I was going back and forth finding a place to sleep. I didn't know if it will ever change, I thought I would live that way forever. Everything changed in one day, in one little dumpster while I was searching for food. When I jumped inside, I saw the thing that would change my future. Even though it was a piece of paper, it was worth five dollars. I tried my luck for the first time in my life, and it worked.

I went to the nearest gas station, hiding my money, thinking it was a lot. As I was getting near the door, I was nervous as I ever been. It was the most money I ever had, and I hoped I was doing the right choice. I was shaking from head to toe, even though I didn't believed in God, I tried to pray. I just stood there, near my future making door, holding my money, and preying. As I was entering, I saw the long line to the cashier for the tickets. I knew I didn't have a chance to win the lotto, but if I didn't try, it might have been my last chance to change my life.

As I was approaching the cashier, I looked at my money, and told myself "stay calm whatever happens, whether you win, or lose, just stay calm". I gave the money to the cashier, and he gave me the ticket. I didn't even knew how to use it, so I asked for instructions. When he told me, I looked at my numbers, and the results for good ten minutes. I couldn't believe it, I looked at my ticket again, and did the thing I shouldn't have done, I yelled. Everyone turned and looked at me like I was insane, I yelled again "I won the lottery!" Everyone clapped, and congratulated me, but I saw the jealousy, and the hate in their eyes. I knew I was in big troubles if I don't get out of there soon.I started running, I didn't know if anyone was following me, nor where I was running.

I ran to the the bank thinking I would get the money there, as it was that easy. As soon as I reached the bank, I saw all the cameras inside, and I was dressed as a bagger. I thought they would call the police on me, but I was wrong. They smiled at me, and asked me "how may I help you?". I said "I won the lottery, and I want to claim my money", they laughed, and said that i have to go to the lottery facility. So I went on my way with my winning ticket.

It was getting dark when I reached the place, the building was big, with security all around it. I entered cautiously, and looked around me. I approached the cashier, and I told her that I won the lottery. She congratulated me, and asked how will I want to take the money. I didn't knew what she met, so I took it all at once in a check. It was the biggest mistake in my life, I looked at the amount, and I was dreadful, I never saw that much money, nor I imagined someone to have that much. It was 35,000,000, and I didn't know how to use it. The cashier told me something about the curse of money, I knew he was jealousy, and I will regret playing the lottery.

I ran to the bank, opened an account, and put everything on there. Then I went to get new clothes, and some normal food for the first time in my life. The food was good, and I was full. I decided to get a place to live, I went and bought a house. I started decorating it, and thought I will be rich forever. I was happy, rich, and no one knew about it, or at least I thought they didn't. I started going out to eat, buying things I didn't need, and having the best time of my life. Until I saw the newspaper, it had my face on the first page and underneath it said


Then I realized people will start knocking on my door, and asking for money, or even hunting me for it. I had to get out of the town, and go far away, but I didn't.

Day after day I got calls from schools, hospitals, and different organizations asking for charity. People were knocking on my door asking for money, one of the people. Then at the end of the day, when I was about to go to sleep, a stranger knocked on my door so hard, I thought the door might break. I didn't know if I should open it, or not, but I did. The person was dresses in black,with a scar on his face. He asked me for a lot of money, he said "give it to me now, or else". I was scared, I didn't want to give it to him, so I said no, hoping he was joking. When he was turning around, he told me "you will regret it, I tell you. Bad things will start happening to you", then he left. I looked at his back, and knew I met his somewhere.

The next day when I woke up, I thought about the night. I didn't know who he was, but I knew he will get me somehow. I stayed home that day. While I was eating, I heard a big explosion, I stumbled and hit the table. I looked out the window, and saw the place where I eat every morning burning, smoke was everywhere. I was lucky I stayed at home, I knew it was the stranger from the night. Suddenly, my phone rang. When I answered it, I heard the voice, a voice I can't define, a voice I never heard before. It said "I am watching you". I ran to the windows, closed all the blinds, and hanged up. I didn't know what to expect next.

The next day I awoke to a beautiful day, the sun was shining, but the police was investigating the explosion. As I was looking out of my bedroom window, i saw the stranger in the crowd. I didn't know if I should start running towards him, or call the police. I didn't do either, I just stayed in my room, hoping he didn't see me. I just knew I had to get out of there, and now I was serious. I decided to go on a train far away, and leave all the money in my house.

I took a cab to the train station, and bought a ticket. I was about to be free, and not have to fear wherever I go. I could start a new life there, even if it meant to be poor again. I got on the train, and I was on my way. While I was sitting, I heard a familiar voice, a voice that reminded me of the stranger. I looked around me, and there he was, he was one of the passengers. He looked at me, and smiled, and said "we meet again". I saw he was holding something in his coat, I saw it was something shiny, but I couldn't say what it was.

I looked at him, and he looked at me. I didn't know what to think, we just looked at each other, and I didn't have a way out. Then he said "I see you are still alive" I was shocked, I knew it would be the end of me now. I saw him removing the object from his coat, it was a knife. I ran to the luggage carbine, and he followed me. I thought I could throw things at him until he falls down, then I'll have the advantage, but he didn't. When we reached the cabin, he asked me where was the money, I didn't say anything. He punched me, and asked again where is the money. He said "if you don't give it to me, it will be the end of you". I didn't cared, I already lost everything, and I didn't really wanted to go back to the way I lived before, knowing there is always a stranger trying to get revenge. I told him "kill me, get me out of this misery". Then I remembered who he was. He was the cashier from the lottery facility, and I saw him many times since I won the lottery. Now I could rest in piece, knowing who was the true sinner.

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