Alice in the Kingdom of Wonderland

Alice in the Kingdom of Wonderland

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Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



"When I close my eyes I see another world, a world that is beyond your wildest thoughts, I like to call this place Wonderland, Because here you are always wondering what is going to happen next."
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"When I close my eyes I see another world, a world that is beyond your wildest thoughts, I like to call this place Wonderland, Because here you are always wondering what is going to happen next."

Chapter1 (v.1) - Alice in the Kingdom of Wonderland

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When I close my eyes I see another world, a world that is beyond your wildest thoughts I like to call this place Wonderland because here you are always wondering what is going to happen next.


“Miss Alice, its time to get up your Cousin Isabella and Aunt Linda have arrived” I sighed and looked at the chamber maid. I sat up and looked at the brilliant blue sky. I had fallen asleep underneath the old Oak tree again. “Where are they at?” I asked getting up and brushing the grass and leaves off my dress. “In the garden, Miss” I looked at the spot that I had fallen asleep longing to return to my sweet slumber and escape this world. I walked to the rose garden, My Great Grandpa had made the rose garden for my grandmother they would secretly meet in the gazebo in the center of the garden. They had what some would call a forbidden love, My Grandpa was a Crown prince and my Grandma was just a commoner. They were not allowed to see each other so when my Grandfather asked to marry my Grandmother they were denied, Because Grandmother was just a commoner and Grandfather was a prince, as a result my grandfather left the crown to marry my Grandma, A few years later, my Grandpa died from a heart attack leaving behind my Great Grandma and my Grandmother. My great grandma was a strong woman and still raised the child that her beloved lover had left behind. My grandma then fell in love with a man of her own they were then married, and the day of the wedding my Great Grandma died, they say that she died a peaceful death looking forward to the day that she would be reunited with great Grandpa. My Great Grandpa would tend to the garden himself and forbid anyone from entering. He loved this garden as much as he loved Grandmother. Would they be sad at what the garden has turned into now? It feels as if the love that once thrived through these roses is gone and all that is left is just the roses, the love is gone. Would grandpa be okay with what has happened?


“Alice! Hurry up we don’t have all day, stop daydreaming!” My Aunt Linda shouted at me ripping me from my thoughts I hurriedly walked over to greet them.

“Dear sister don’t yell, for this is a place of love, She is just a girl we were no different when we were her age.” My mother said standing up to give my a hug. My mother is always so caring she can’t bear it when people are sad or mad, she says that when someone is like that she feels like a piece of her heart is going to break off.

“Your right Caroline, I am sorry Alice I was just in such a hurry that I forgot to admire how beautiful the afternoon was today, can you ever forgive me?” My aunt said rubbing my arm. This is my Aunt Linda, she is always in a hurry, but if you can get her to stop and taken in her surroundings and just enjoy life's moments, she can become just as beautiful as a princess. “Of course dear Aunt I could never be able to stay mad at you for long” I took her hand and we both giggled. I looked over Aunt Linda’s shoulder and saw my dear cousin Isabella. “Isabella!” I let go of my aunt Linda’s hand and rushed over and swept Isabella up in a hug we twirled for a moment then I noticed that something was wrong. “What is it Issie you're not like your self” I said brushing away hair so that I could see her amazing green eyes. When I met the eyes that I had so vividly remembered being filled with joy, I met eyes filled with tears and sorrow. “Issie! What happened!” I said brushing away the fallen tears.

“you” she whispered so softly that I was only able to hear mumbling. “Isabella I can't understand you, please say it again so I can understand you” I said looking at her with concern in my eyes”Please Issie”

“ YOU” she said as she grabbed my hand with a tight grip, astonished I looked at her and now saw eyes filled with pain and hurt. “YOU!! Took him away from me Alice!!” recovering from shock I looked at her in the eyes, and took a deep breath. “I am not following what you are saying Isabella.” I said my father had always taught me to face my problems head on even if I am afraid, which right now I was. I was afraid I had lost my beloved cousin to whatever happened with Issie.

“ Alexander said he loved YOU! When I finally got the courage to tell him about my feelings he, said that he was sorry, but he only had eyes for YOU!” She yelled at my shaking my arms tears were running down her cheeks . I wrapped her in a hug, Issie had loved Alexander ever since we were young. Alexander’s father and my Father were both Dukes of France. “I am really sorry Issie. I know how much he meant to you and to know that I have taken this happiness from you hurts me more than ever. I wish there was a way to make him stop liking me and like you instead” I said trying to calm her nerves as much as I could.

“I’m sorry Alice I was just so hurt that I went blaming you,” She said starting to calm down. “Its okay Issie, I don’t blame you” I said brushing her hair.

“Alice will you sing to me?” She asked looking up at me

“Yes Alice please do sing” my aunt Linda said putting her arms around us

“I think that would make everything better” My mom said joining in on the hug.

“Of course I will sing to you.” I said, I took a deep breath and began to sing my favorite lullaby that my mother would sing to me as a little girl when I was sad. When I finished the song I heard Issie take a deep breath and then a few moments later exhale, she was asleep.

“Thank you Alice I knew if I brought her here she would feel better.” My aunt Linda said motioning for a servant take Isabella to her room. “Your welcome” I said “I”m just glad I could help” I watched my Aunt and one of the servants take Isabella back to her home. I let out a sigh, I felt a gentle had rub my back I turned to look at my mom. “mooom” I said with tears in my eyes I felt them start trickling down my face.

“Oh Alice you are growing up so fast,” She wrapped me in her arms “I am so sorry that you have to go through this”I started crying hysterically into my mothers arms. “Why!!” I said through her dress “Why does he have to like me! And why did Isabella have to like him!” I cried until I couldn't cry anymore. I sighed and got back in control, I looked at my mother she had such beautiful blonde curly hair. I loved the way her eyes could change colors depending on what she was wearing. And her smile, she had the warmest smile I had ever seen “I love you mom.” I said hugging her again.

“I love you too Alice and I am very proud of you.” she hugged me back. I wish time would have stayed like that forever,my mom hugging me and telling me she loves me, but in this world something is bound to go wrong. My mom walked me back to my room and I layed down in a ball and fell asleep, not being able to here the words my mom whispered to me, “Sleep well my little girl, I love you” As she closed the door for the last time.


I sat looking out the window, “It looks like its going to rain” I mumbled to myself. “It rained the night of the accident.” I sighed looking out the window again, feeling the tears pooling in my eyes, Don't cry Alice, crying is for little girls and you are defiantly not a little girl. I reached up and brushed the tears away. Just thinking about what had happened that night made me sad. I looked at the rose garden, trying to remember happy memories when, a flash of white and red ran by. I tried to get a better look at what it was when I remembered that I was sitting in a window seal and bumped my fore head. “Ow” I muttered rubbing the place I had bumped. I looked at the rose garden and in the entrance stood a tall handsome man wearing a red suit with white hair. He looked up at my window and smiled. I ran to the closet and threw on a coat and shoes. I ran down the stairs and skipped the last three. “Miss!!!” came a shocked voice, I turned around to see a chamber maid. I forgot what I was doing for a moment then remembered and took off towards the back door that lead to the garden. I flung myself out the door and ran towards the garden. He waited for me, I reached him, I stopped to catch my breath when he took off running, I followed him. “Wait!!” I shouted he stopped, I looked to see where he had lead me and we were standing underneath the gazebo. The rain came pouring down and I dropped to my knees holding myself. I hadn't been outside since the accident let alone out of my room. “Who are you?” I asked looking up at him

“The names Christoper White” He said taking a bow, he stood up, He was about to say something when a loud bell started ringing. He pulled out a stop watch, “And I am late, Very Very late at that.” He turned to go. “Wait don't leave! I don't want to be alone” I said standing up and grabbing his arm. He smiled at me then said “Then follow me” with that he took off running, “MR.WHITE!!!!!” I shouted running after him”Please don't leave me I don't like being alone!!” I was running as fast as I could. I was determined not to let him leave. Faster Alice! Faster! Faster! I looked up to see how close to him I was, I was catching up! I ran so fast that I didn't even notice the hole. I fell, I was surrounded by black the light at the top closing, I couldn't find my voice, I closed my eyes. I remembered that night so vividly.

“Mom!!!” I shouted running down the stairs after my mother, “It's not fair! I don't want to be left here alone!My BIRTHDAY is TOMORROW!! You can't leave!!!”

“Alice, honey, we've gone over this, your father and I will be back tonight” She said kissing my forehead “ I promise, why don't you play cards with the maids or read a book” she said handing the last of her luggage to the coachman.

“What if you don't make it back in time!” I said, worry in my voice. “What if I have to spend my birthday alone!!” I started to cry I can't do this I hated being alone. I looked up at my mom, seeing the look in her eyes it was obvious that I had gone too far. I stood up straight “FINE!!! DO AS YOU WISH!!” and with that I ran up the stairs trying to hide my tears. I heard a car door shut, I looked out the window, My father and mother waved to me as they pulled out. I walked over to my desk and saw a note and a present.


We love you dearly, And to help settle your nerves your father and I have agreed to give you an early birthday present. I love you my sweet little girl. Stay strong and one day you will make an impact on the world. But I want you to know that you already made and impact in mine and your father's life. I love you to the moon and back. I promise to be back to night. Until then, stay strong I love you Alice, always remember that.




I put the not aside and opened the present, inside was a necklace with a glass heart hanging on it. I put it around my neck, and looked in the mirror. Beautiful, I can't wait to show Mom and Dad. I smiled at that thought and climbed into bed. Later that night I was woken up to a pounding on my door. I ran to get it expecting my mom and Dad but was surprised to see a police officer. He takes off his hat, with a sad face he looks down, “No” was all that I could muster. “NO!” I scream starting to cry. “They! They can't be dead!” I cried “NO!” I collapsed to the floor. “They promised.” I muttered to myself. The police officer rose and said “I'm sorry for your loss, they were on their way to meet you, they were going too fast and lost control. The rain made the roads slick so they weren't able to stop.” he took a breath “They crashed off the side of the cliff, I'm sorry” he bowed once again and took a step back and left. I saw him pull out of the drive way. “NNOOOOO!!!!!” I cried myself to sleep that night, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain hitting my window. “Mom...........Dad..........I love you” I went to my bed and stared at the ceiling until morning came. There came a soft knock at my door, I walked over and locked it.

“Alice its Issie” Isabella said through the door, “I'm sorry for your loss, will you let me in?” I heard her try to open the door. “You don't understand, No one will ever understand.” I said walking back to my door. I heard her sigh then walk off. Later that day another knock came at my door.

“Alice the funeral is starting come join us if you would like.” Isabella said then I heard foot steps. A few hours later I looked out my window and saw a crowd of people gathered in black in the garden. They all were sad, I opened my closet and pulled out a black dress, I then put on a black hat. I opened my door and walked down stairs. I walked out to the garden and was greeted with a mixture of sad and shocked faces. I walked up to Aunt Linda and Isabella.

“I'm so sorry sweet heart.” Aunt Linda said rubbing my back. I had to tell myself over and over not to cry. Mom's last words were stay strong, I promise I will mom. “Thank you for coming” I said to everyone who greeted me. I walked to the garden, I went to the gazebo and was surprised to see Alexander. “Alex it's just you” I said sitting down across from him. He smiled weakly.

“Yeah just me.” He said then he reached in his pocket and pulled out a small box “Happy Birthday” He said no effort put into it. “Thanks” I said reaching over and grabbing the present. Alexander put his hand over mine.

“Alice I am here for you, even if its just a shoulder to cry one or an ear to listen I will be what ever you need me to be.” I met his eyes and saw the sincerity in them, the love, the love that does not belong to me. “Thanks” I said pulling away I opened the box and saw a small silver key on a silver chain. Alexander looked at me and said “Its the key to my heart” he said a little jokingly. “Thank you so much I love it” I put it back in the box. “Thank you for coming Alexander.” I said he stood up and wrapped me in a hug.

“I will always be here” He whispered in my ear then ran off. I looked down at the box,

“I'm sorry Alexander I can't except this.” I said to myself tears rolling down my cheeks. I put the box underneath the gazebo table. “One day the rightful owner of this will come and claim it until then stay safe” I walked out of the garden to finish greeting my guests. After the funeral was over I returned to my room and since then haven't left.

“Alice! Alice! Alice!” I opened my eyes to see Christopher bending over me. “Where am I?” I asked looking around the room. I stood up, and almost crashed to the floor if Christopher hadn't caught me.

“Don't get up too fast Alice!” He said I slowly stood up. “Sorry” I walked around for a bit with Christopher not far behind me. I walked down a long hall into a small corridor where a small table was located. On the table was a small glass filled with a clear liquid. “I'm thirsty” I said reaching for the glass.

“Be careful Alice!” Christoper shouted, too late I had drank that glass till there was not even a little drip left. “Um sorry” I said the glass then shattered into a ton of small little shards of glass. I looked at Christoper who looked really frustrated.

“You drank it! I can't believe you drank it!” He started walking around the room in circles. “Hey look I'm sorry I drank that stuff , I was just so thirsty I didn't mean to upset you” I said trying to calm him down.

“Upset!?! I'm not upset i'm full of so much happiness” he said rushing over to me and grabbing my arms “Alice by drinking that you are now apart of this world! Your one of us!” He jumped up and down like a little bunny. “Follow Me!” He said rushing off out of the corridor. I followed him out through double doors and into a forest. “um Christoper where are we heading?” I asked taking in my surroundings.

“To the palace of course!” He said running off I followed close behind him not wanting to get left behind. We were walking for what felt like forever when I heard a loud * BUMP * I looked to see that Christoper had bumped into someone and was now on the ground.

“Hey! Watch were your going!” Christoper shouted getting up I help him brush off the twigs and dirt off of his pants.

“You should watch were your going yourself, your in such a hurry all the time that you go to fast and end up causing trouble for other people, just like a small rabbit” came a voice behind me I looked behind me to find a tall handsome man in a green suit. He had dropped a notebook and papers were all over I bent down to help pick them up. “I'm sorry that he bumped into you it won't happen again, right Christoper?” I said handing the papers to the man with a smile.

“It won't” Christoper said obviously not happy about this small delay, but at the moment I really didn't care. I looked over at the man and smiled “I'm Alice Bulbary, its a pleasure to meet you.” I said stretching my hand out.

“ hello Alice my name is William Aleatory its a pleasure to meet you too” William said shaking my hand.

“Well its nice bumping into you Will but we've got to go Alice is expected to meet the Queen.” Christoper said grabbing my arm and dragging me away. “I hope to meet you again in the future!” I said waving with the arm Christoper didn't have such a tight grip on.

“I would certainly like that! Visit me when you get all settled in I live in the big building in the center of the town!” William shouted back returning my wave with a smile! “Surely the Queen wouldn't mind if I had taken a short detour. Also who said I wanted to go meet the queen in the first place!?!”I said yanking my hand out of Christoper's tight grip, I looked around “Besides I need to find a way to get back home.”

“I said you were going to meet the queen Alice and you can't leave, everybody loves and adores you here.” Christoper said giving me a pouty face. “how do they know that they love me if they haven't even met me yet?” I said giving him a stern face.


“Its simple, because your not like all of us your different so everyone loves you” He said grabbing my arm again “And they're waiting to meet you so we must hurry, We're late already!” He said running off again, well there goes me getting home.


We walked for what seemed hours,Until finally Christoper stopped. “Have we arrived, Christoper?” I asked looking at him. I was really confused we were in the middle of the woods, maybe we were lost. “Or are we lost?” I asked challenging him.

“I do not get lost” He said pushing me behind a tree, “we are in Mad territory only Mad people reside here, there Boss and ruler over the Mad territory, his name is Cruz O'conner also know as the Mad Hatter” Christoper told me pulling out a gun from his pocket. “and right now I fear we are under attack” I heard a bush rustling in front of us I grabbed onto Christoper, I was scared.

“There's no point in an ambush any more the stupid rabbit caught on” came a voice of a boy about the same age as I was. Then a boy stood and sure enough he looked like a 16 year- old. Then another boys stood up next to him.

“you're right brother there is NO point in an ambush now that our positions have been given away” the boy sighed and turned to the first one and shook his head. “what ever shall we do now?” He said then they both turned to us and grinned a very suspicious grin. Just as I noticed that something wasn't right I felt something grab me from behind. “AHHHH” I yelled as loud as I could, Christoper turned around, “ Christoper don't shoot please!” I said tears in my eyes, I didn't WANT to die but who does?

“Do as the little lady says Chris and put the gun down” came the voice that was holding me. I looked at Christoper begging him to do as the man had instructed. He lowered the gun to the ground and backed away from it. “Good Chris, Dee, get the gun! Dum get Christoper” the two boys moved to where they were told to go the second one getting the gun and the first getting Christoper. So there names were Dee and Dum. I sighed without even thinking about it, “SO the little lady is bored is she?” The man said laughing

“Harriett if you hurt her in anyway I will kill you myself” Christoper shouted with gridded teeth. I looked at Christoper and for some reason he looked familiar like I had seen him before today, the same was with Dee and Dum. This voice was familiar and the name Harriett was familiar also.

“Haha! The little rabbit has sharp teeth!” Harriett laughed, “Now I want to see whats going to happen next.” I waited patiently to make my move. I used to play with the soldiers that always surrounded my father, they had taught me a few things if I was ever stuck in this position. “My turn” I muttered to myself, I stopped on Harriett's foot then maneuver myself behind him and used the arm that he had in his grasp to push him over the top of my hip, he landed with a loud thump. I heard laughing and looked to see a tall man with black hair standing above harriett. I looked at harriett, he had sandy blonde hair, he looked like a prince.

"You were taken down by a little girl?!? My general of my strongest ellite army was taken down by a small girl in a blue and white dress. This is really amussing." The man laughed and helpped Harriett up and brushed him off. "Dee hand Christoper back his gun, Dum let Christoper go, they have done nothing wrong" The man turned to me and took off his hat and bowed "The names Cruz O'conner, some people just call me The Mad Hatter" He stood straight up with his hand exteded out. "Alice" I said "Alice Bulbary" I shook his hand and smilled, I heard Christoper clear his throat.

"I'm sorry did we inturept something" the hatter asked me "I am expected at the Palace to meet the queen" I said looking at christophor "And we keep runing into people" I looked at the hatter.

" Ah queen Evelin also know as The Queen of Hearts" Hatter said looking a little mad and frustrated. "Do you not like Queen Evelin, Hatter?" I asked looking at him with wonder, he smiled at me 

"No It's not that I hate her we are just enemies, you see there is a war going on right now between the three powerful rulers, Me, Evelin, and Larue. Larue De Beavuior is know as the White King, Evelin De Beavuior is the Red Queen.They are siblings as you could tell Larue is the oldest and Evelin is the youngest. Then there is Me the Mad Hatter ruler over the kingdom of Madness. You have your nutreul party as there always is and the ruler of that party is William Aleatory. We are fighting over power and well thats pretty much it." He shrugged his shoulders, this made me mad how he really didn't care why they were fighting but still faught, life is important and he doesn't seem to understand that."And these here are my finest soldier of the Mad army" He said pointing at Dee, Dum, and Harriett. The two boys took a step forward and bowed"The one in red is Deemetre Valcourt but we call him Dee, his brother in black is Dumitru Valcourt but we call him Dum, as you can see they are twins." After Hatter pointed out that there outfits were different they changed colors. "And this here is my finest General Harreitt La Fayette." Harreitt bowed

"Its a pleasure to meet you miss Alice" he said standing back up. "Its a pleasure to meet you too, I am sorry that I flipped you" I said giving a curtsy to all of the boys.

"its fine I was just taken off gaurd by that." He said I stood up and blushed. "that was the point of my stomping on your foot" eveyone burst out laughing, well everyone except for Christoper, he just stood there glaring at the group. "I'm sorry but I really must be going I will see you agian" I walked over to christopor and we started walking again I waved to the men that we were leaving behind. "It was a pleasure to meet you all" We started walking in silence the boys long gone. "This is very uncomfortable Christoper"

"Well, we're almost there so bear through it" he said as we enterd a clearing, a stagecoach appeared out of no where, christoper opend the door for me to climb in, I did as I was told, I sat down on oneside and Christoper sat across from me. The hores started moving and soon we were in a town. There were kids laughing and playing in the roads, it was just so alive here. We started going up this long twisted road up a moutain. At the top layed a Castel with Hearts all over it, it was very big. "Is that where the Queen is waiting for me?" I asked christoper

"Yes the queen is expecting your presence there" he said looking at his watch again "she was expecting is 2 hours ago" He sighed and put the watch back into his pocket. "well whats done is done" he said. The cariage stopped and the door opened. I climbed out and looked at the castel and saw a giant heart on the very tip of every dome. I walked up the steps of the castel, nerves to meet the ruler of this Kingdom. we walked down a long hall and at the end were a pair of big double doors. The doors opened and there in the center of the room on the throne sat the most beautiful girl I had ever met, I walked towards her ready to meet another person.

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