Best Friends--Forever

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Three fiends have a fight, one betraying the others. Their friendship is waning.

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007



The crowded lunchroom rang with voices of boys and girls laughing and giggling jubilantly. The aromas of the food tickled my nose, my belly rumbling in hunger. The line was too long, so I figured I’d wait until it shortened down a bit.

I slowly turn back around in my seat, rubbing my stomach to calm it. I look at my friends sitting opposite me. Lizzy, my BFF, raises her hand up slightly, letting al of us know she has something to say.

"Ohmygod, so last night…" she began. Usually when she did this, it was some lame story about a fight with her brothers the previous night. Not that I never listened, but today was especially hard to pay attention because of my increasing hunger. My friend Casey and I look at each other with silly grins. Then I look back at Lizzy.

I stare at her moving lips, wondering what I should get for lunch. All the noises seemed to stop as I thought internally—all is quiet.

Pizza sounds good. But I always have pizza… Maybe I should switch it up and get a burger instead… And a soda…

While in my thoughts, I realize that our table has gotten quiet and I feel a slight pressure on my shoulder.

I turn around startled. My friend, Ishantae, stands behind me with her hand on my shoulder. She looks from me to Lizzy—a distant look in her eyes. We stare at her, waiting for her to state her reasoning for cutting Lizzy off.

Ishantae was our third musketeer. The three of us had been inseparable since the second grade. But as we went on in middle school, we began to see a rift beginning. Our friendship was not the same as it once was.

"Can I talk to you two?" she asked. I looked at Lizzy, who looked back at me questioningly. We shrugged and got up, following her into the bathroom. The door closes behind us, which she locks, sealing out all noise from the outside. It’s strangely quiet.

Lizzy and I stare at Ishantae, with quick glances at each other. The air in the bathroom does not feel welcoming.

"What going on?" I asked, breaking the silence. Ishantae pulls out 2 neatly wrapped presents, handing one to both of us. We stare down at them, still confused.

Christmas was another few weeks away, but we had never gotten each other presents before. We had made a pact that our friendship was enough.

"You know what you guys?" Ishantae asked. The room turned icy; "You two have been the worst best friends ever this year."

Lizzy and I looked at each other, asking with our eyes what was happening. Ishanatae pulled up her sleeves; showing cut and burn scars scattered densely across her black skin. My moth dropped and Lizzy gasped loudly.

"Ishantae! What have you done?" I asked. Ishantae’s big brown eyes filled up with tears.

"I did this because of you two." She stated. My heart dropped, "You guys have been ignoring me."

I stared at her in disbelief. Was this girl seriously blaming us for this? We never ignored her! We just didn’t have any of the same classes and we’d made new friends during our 2 years in middle school. We ate lunch together everyday, talking non-stop the whole time! She would come to my house after school and hang out for hours! What did she mean we’ve been ignoring her?

"Ishantae, we haven’t…" I breathed. She cut me off with the wave of her hand.

"Yes you have! Ever since you met Casey, you’ve had no time for me anymore!" she cried. I wanted to grab her, hug her, console her, tell her everything was gonna be alright. But I couldn’t. Something inside of me kept me from every touching her.

Lizzy looked at me, then at Ishantae, wondering the same things I was. Ishantae took a deep breath.

"When my parents were getting divorced, neither one of you were there for me!" she shouted. I could feel the anger rising. But I was too awestruck to yell at her angrily.

"Ishantae…I’m so sorry…ohmygod…I’m so sorry," I choked. Tears burned at my eyes. Ishantae only glanced at me. My whole body felt like it didn’t belong here. My whole day was ruined now because of this.

Ishantae just stared at us, and we stared back. After a few moments, she quickly walked to the door, unlocking it and left.

Lizzy and I just stared at each other, wondering what had just happened. We both walked silently out f the bathroom and went and sat down at the table. Our other friends looked at us dying to know what had happened. But taking our lead, they said nothing, for which I was grateful.

Ishantae had sat down at the end of the table, staring at the opposite wall. I sated at her for a moment, then looked at Lizzy. Our silent stares communicating that we’d talk more about this later.

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