The Haunting Man

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A boy likes a girl, but she doesn't feel the same way.

Submitted: January 01, 2008

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Submitted: January 01, 2008



He's all I think about.

I close my eyes and there he is.

I go to sleep and he's in my dreams.

I go in a store and it's like I can smell him.

And I wish he'd just go away.

But he's haunting me.

Everywhere I go, he follows.

I don't talk to him.

Yet I can hear his voice in my head--saying things--making me feel guilty.

But I know I deserve it.

I cheated him.

He surprised me--caught me off guard.

I was unprepared--not ready.

He dropped the bomb.

The L-one -- rhymes with Dove.

I can't even say it.

I just want to gag.

I gave the wrong answer--the one he wanted to hear.

The one I swore I'd never say unless I meant it.

And what's worse--I had to take it back--once I came to my senses.

He called me up.

He was freaking out.

His breathing was so eneven--so rough--he scared the crap out of me.

He would moan.

I would cringe.

Everything he did made me want to puke.

Or die.

I told him I just wanted to be friends.

He said fine.

But I knew it then that it wasn't possible.

I see him now--but I don't look AT him.

I run out of the room when the bell rings.

I keep my eyes on my fingers only during class.

And everyday--I feel his stare.

It burns my skin.

And I cringe.

And then the guilt sets in.

I realized I'm causing him pain just bybeing alive.

Because he can't have me.

And I won't have him.

And I wish I was dead.

I can't feel more like a monster than I do now.

I cause too much pain.

No one could love me.

No one should love me.

I'd just hurt them too.

I'm incapable of love.

I feel worthless--the world would be better off with me gone.

But you know what hurt the most?

No one contradicted me.

No one told me that it wasn't true.

No one.

And that makes me feel truly alone.

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