One Bitter Night

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Randy is afraid to go out at night.

One bitter night Randy was outside star gazing when the wind began to blow harder then usually. His gaze left Polaris, the North Star and he sat up. Propping himself up with his elbows. He felt somebody's warm breath on his neck and whipped his head around. No one was there. He scrambled to his feet. His toes crunching the crisp grass as he caught his balance. He heard a raspy voice whisper in his ear, sending goosebumps across his arm. He jumped around staring into the empty space behind him in horror. Taking in another small breath he thought of what the voice had said. Run. It had said run. Shaking his head dissmissively with a chuckle Randy sat back down, propping himself on his elbows and looking for M44, the Beehive Cluster. Suddenly, a hand was on his shoulder. His eyes glanced at it casually, it's white bones gleaming in the moonlight. He went back to M44 and then he realized what he had seen. Turning around slowly in fear. His eyes were met with the look of a seven foot man. His white bones were shining like a flash lights beam, and on parts of his bloody flesh covered the pearly bones. Flies flew around the man enjoying the taste of his bloody human flesh.
"I said run!" It roared, half bone, half flesh covered jaw moved up and done as it spoke. Then a half tongue licked its rotten yellow teeth. "Or else I'll eat you. It decided. Spit flew on Randy's face as it spoke and then Randy was up, on his feet. Screaming bloody murder, Randy ran into his house, locked the doors and ran into him and his wives room hiding under the blankets on their bed. This twenty year old man hid there trembling as the man howled in anger at his loss and scratched at the front door in agony. 
The next morning Randy went outside and examined his front door. Long, ratchet scratch marks covered the length of the black door, confirming the reality of the night before. Every night the man comes back doing the same as that night. Because of this Randy never goes out at night.

Submitted: March 05, 2014

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