I hope you think of me..

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
To Ronald. You controlled me. You used me. You broke my heart. Yet I was too stupid to leave you.

You were right when you said that I didn't deserve you though. No one deserves to be with someone like you. I deserved better.

Submitted: March 15, 2012

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Submitted: March 15, 2012



Looking back to the beginning
I don't know where things went wrong
The first months, we were so happy
Thought that with you's where I belonged

You told me that you loved me
And god knows that I loved you
You said that you needed me
And I was sure that I did too

So tell me, why'd this happen?
Why'd you treat me this way?
Why must I now live my life
With this pain every day?

With every single memory
Playing back in my head
To the point I cannot breathe
From all the hurtful things you've said

You played with my emotions
And took control of me
And every day I faked a smile
While longing to be free

You threatened that you'd leave me
If I didnt come straight home
I truly had no life left
But was afraid to be alone

Christmas morning came
And you got a big surprise
I left with all my stuff
Finally sick of all your lies

Cause I deserve much better
Than somebody like you
And even though you still haunt me
I know that I'll pull through

Since then you've tried to talk to me
And beg me to come back
Telling me you've "changed"
You want to "get your life on track"

Well honey, it's too late now
Cause I'm already gone
I thought you were my soulmate
But I see now I was wrong

One day when you find someone else
and she does the same to you
I hope then that you think of me
And remember all you put me through

Cause you'll deserve it, just as I did..

© Copyright 2020 BelindaErin. All rights reserved.

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