Angel on my shoulder

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Don't you feel like there is just something or someone talking to you?

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



Theres an Angel on my shoulder,

a whisper in my ear.

Telling me the things I need to do

The encouragement I need to hear.

He tells me Im going to be ok

that everythings alright.

That the night has to be the darkest

before there can be light.

He mentions things like the future

and the person I want to be

He reminds me of things I want to do

and places I want to see

He tries to keep me from doing wrong

and keep me on a good track

but sometimes when I have too much fun

listening is a skill that I lack

I dont know why but with me he has stayed

I cant be sure for how long

but I hope he is here for everything

Or how else am I going to know right from wrong?

Theres an angel on my shoulder

A whisper in my ear.

And he is telling me everything that I need to hear.

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