The Place

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The chair, the room, the alien.

Submitted: May 09, 2019

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Submitted: May 09, 2019



Every day seems to repeat over and over.


Every day the same chair, every day the same room, every day the same creature staring at me through a glass window.


I have lost count, how long have I been here? I can’t say.


After a week everything became muddy and hazy and I stopped caring.


Every day, the chair, the room, the alien.


I wonder everyday what exactly they’re trying to find, or trying to provoke. Is not like the alien on the other side of the glass has uttered a word during our “time together”.


I should have walked away and left the alien where he was. I should have ignored his injuries and run away… I watched enough TV, I should have known what was coming. But I couldn’t move at first, I froze with fear. The flying disk had crashed in a wooded area near my house. I ran towards the blaze trying to figure out what had happened.


I found him crawling out of what I assumed was his ship. The creature was exactly how movies described him, short, thin, a large head and large black eyes. He had a large nasty cut on his right arm and by his movements, he seemed disoriented. I stood there, staring and he did the same once he saw me. But I don’t think either of us expected what happened next. I ran toward my house. Thinking back, I should have stayed there. Instead I grabbed a towel and went back to the creature in the woods. I found him in the same spot I left him, but he was sitting on the ground looking up.


I approached him slowly, I kept thinking that I was treating him like an injured cat. In reality he was probably 10 times smarter than I was, but he did not leave and did not recoil from me.


The alien let me place the towel in his arm and stared at me as I wrapped it around. Was I scared? Yes, but for some reason I couldn’t leave him there. I should have known better, I have a pretty big imagination, but it failed me miserably that day. What happened next lead me to where I am today.


The chair, the room, the alien.


Also, the suits.


The stupid suits were nastier than the alien on the other side of the glass.


Two of them arrived as I finished wrapping the towel in the aliens arm. They were not nice, they shouted at me to stop and back away. At first they were rough, but treated me OK. That was the time when the real fear started to take over. They didn’t let me leave, saying something about a debriefing first. But they lied, I wasn’t going to be debriefed or allowed to leave. As the day progressed one of the suits became downright nasty. I started calling him in my head the douchebag suit. Things escalated from there. It got worse the moment I decided to stand my ground and tell them to fuck off. The douchebag suit's reply was a hard slap that threw me off balance. Next thing I knew they handcuffed me and threw me in the back of a black SUV. By this time, the site was packed with people. Not only suits, but military who seemed to dislike me more than the poor alien bleeding all over the place.


I’m tired of sitting, I’m glad I was barely aware those first few days… or weeks… or… I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t have kicked that soldier after they took me without telling me where I was being taken or why. He told me I no longer had any rights after they pulled me out of the SUV. My unfiltered reaction was to kick him in the balls. The “debriefing” turned into a fear factory where the suits took turns into telling me how screwed up I was. I tried talking to them, I tried telling them how I lived nearby and only wanted to help. I tried not to be snarky or sarcastic, but they behaved like I insulted their mother to death.


Then I was stuck, royally fucked. At least I knew since day one that I would never leave this place. It was then when I refused everything they asked me to do.


The chair, the room, the alien.


The first time in the room it was before the drugging and the physical abuse. A couple of soldiers half dragged me around and threw me inside the bright white room. Back then I kept thinking that I was having a nightmare that I would wake up any minute and think of how silly I behaved. But I never woke up anywhere else. I never thought I would wish to have a Monday morning and drive to work, but I did more than once.


That first time in the room sealed my fate, they had us in the same set up facing each other. All the time I remember thinking that it felt like when I got in trouble with a friend and we waited to get punished. I avoided his stare for a while, but after several hours I stared back at him. I had to do something before I went crazy over the prospect of being imprisoned for the rest of my life.


Then the alien moved, I remember sitting in the chair like I am now and looking at him as he inspected his room. When he stopped he was in the middle of the window looking at the room I was in. He then looked straight at me, tapped the glass three times with his finger and a shadow of a smile crossed his face.


Did he really smile? I don’t know, but I reacted like he did. I tried to stand and all I did was push myself back and fell. It freaked me out and everyone watching knew something happened. What followed next I am glad I only have fragments of memory to go by.


The door slammed open and I was dragged out of the room and brought into another. There was a time in my life I would have thought that being trapped in a room next to an alien would be my worst nightmare. In reality, being dragged into an empty room with a table in the middle was the worst feeling I ever experienced. Up to that point at least. I don't remember who drugged me or when, but it was in a moment where all my strength was in avoiding getting me on the table. I did fight, it was kind of pathetic but I tried.


I tried and failed.


The chair, the room, the alien now had companions. Like the testing room, the torture room and the bedroom. Time during those moments didn’t feel logical. I would go from sitting on a stretcher with wires in my head, to soldiers dragging me down a dark hallway. I guess at some point I couldn’t keep my head up while being in the room, they changed the chair. In my head all I could think was how comfy it was and I’m pretty sure I took some of my longest naps there. That was until the physical abuse started. Abuse that Douchebag Suit was happy to provide. Thanks to him, the memories of that time turned into a muddy set of painful images that skipped from one to the other without any logical pattern. I am glad I don’t remember most of it, I only know of the bruises I would find later. Maybe they drugged me to keep me quiet. But except for one memory full of screams, most of the time I was completely quiet. The drugs did most of it and when it wasn’t the drugs I refused to talk to anyone. I don’t even know if they drug me anymore, my mind is clearer but not fully there all the time. I faked it for a while trying to see if I could get some information on what they were doing and why. But most of the time they were quiet about it and when I did catch something it was about the alien doing something.


Will I ever leave this place, I have no idea, I hope I do. The nicest individual here has been the alien. Well, the alien and a single suit.


He was always stoic, never showed any emotions. I started to refer to him as the Boss Suit because he looked like one. He never talked to me, but he has never been cruel. If he was escorting me, he never dragged me and at least one time he pulled Douchebag Suit off of me. I don’t remember what the guy was doing, but I do remember the scuffle that ensued afterwards. One time Boss Suit gave me some papers to look at and I was so depressed that all I did was to cover the papers with doodles. When he saw it, he took me back to my bedroom and I slept for a very long time. It had been some time after that, that the drugging was drastically reduced. They may be regretting it, now when they try to ask me stuff I talk about what used to pass for office drama and dumb TV shows. Yeah… I don’t care anymore, I even talk to the alien.


I started talking about alien movies and what I was seeing as different. In the back of my mind I kept pitying him, he was trapped here like I was. Sometimes he seemed like he was paying attention so I never stopped talking, even when the suits told me to.


Today is different, I don’t feel like talking and he doesn't seem he wants to listen.


I am tired and he seems out of it too. I suddenly feel like I am in a room full of people and they are all screaming. My head begins to hurt just as the door opens.


Something bad happened. Because Douchebag Suit came in and he looked at me like I just committed mass murder. He is shouting now, but my brain still feels like people are screaming all around me and I can’t make out the words. He is suddenly in my face with his hand around my neck. I can’t see, my brain filled with static and he shakes me hard.


That is when I heard it, the crack.


The noise made my brain react and I opened my eyes. Douchebag Suit still in front of me grabbing me by the throat, but behind him the alien was at the window. He was not making any sounds, but it felt like the personification of an angry hiss. The pain in my head increased, but the suit lets go of me and started taunting the alien. What happened next will shock me every time I’ll remember this moment. The alien broke the window and was on top of the suit in less than a second. The sounds that happened next are hard to describe. There were screams and shrills and another crack.


I was still sitting in the chair when the wall to my right crumbled and a hole opened into a long hallway. The silence pulled me back to the alien, who was now covered in blood. He didn’t move, but I heard a single word.




I looked from the alien to the wall and back. I slowly stood up and stumbled out of the room. The screams resumed once I was out of the room. My headache exploded again and I struggled to make it to the elevator at the end of the hallway. Something else was happening around me. Several soldiers tried to get to me but they all collapsed before reaching me. The one soldier who got close enough to touch me started to bleed from every visible orifice. I stopped and stared horrified at the carnage I was witnessing.


It was then when someone jumped me from the back and had an arm around my neck. I was feeling so weak I could barely fight it, then I felt a pierce in the back side of my neck. I started feeling something dripping down my side and the man let go of me. I fell to the floor as my brain was going haywire. When I looked up Boss Suit threw something on the floor and stepped on it. He then called for the elevator.


I was still in a rush as a trail of blood ran down my side, shock must have had me frozen to the spot. When the elevator arrived, the suit pulled me to my feet and walked me inside the elevator and held me up.


“When the doors open, there is a door behind the front desk. A van is waiting, you get inside and close the door. They will take you out of here.” He spoke without looking at me, but I stared at him. “Why are you doing this?”


He looked at me at this point, “You will die if you stay here and this is not what we do.”


At that moment I wanted to ask him more, but the doors opened and he told me to run. I did as he told me, when I opened the backdoor the van was there waiting. Once I was inside and doors were closed the driver said, “Lay down and stay down.”


For the first time in a while I did as I was told. Where was I going, not a clue. I knew I couldn’t go home, even if I could I can’t go back to my old life. My clothes don’t even fit me anymore.


I don't care what happens now, all I know is that I am free, I am out.


During the trip out of there I kept seeing the room with the alien. His big black eyes stared me down every single time I was there. He could have escaped at any time he wanted, yet he didn’t. I don’t think I will ever know why and how was he and Boss Suit working together. I’m sure I will now have enough time to think about all this, but right now I want to fade away.


I hate this place, the chair, the room… but not the alien.

© Copyright 2020 Belisse. All rights reserved.

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